50+ Best ETL Tools: The Ultimate List for 2023

CEO, Portable

1. Portable

Portable is the best data integration tool for teams dealing with long-tail data sources. Portable is an ETL platform that offers connectors for over 300 unusual data sources. In brief, Portable has long-tail ETL connectors that Fivetran does not.

The Portable team will design and handle one-of-a-kind connectors upon request, with turnaround times as short as a few hours.

Top Features

  • Custom data source connectors are created on demand at no extra charge, and maintenance is provided.

  • Hands-on assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • A large catalog of long-tail data connectors that are ready to use right away.


Portable offers a free plan with no limits on volume, connectors, or destinations for manual data processing. Portable charges a monthly flat payment of $200 for automatic data transfers. For corporate requirements and SLAs, please contact sales.


  • Over 300 data connectors are developed for specialized applications.

  • Portable data integration tools are easily transportable between contexts, allowing you to use them on other devices or platforms as needed.

  • New data source connectors were produced without charge within days or hours.

  • Constant connector maintenance is free of charge.


  • Only available in the United States.

  • Portable does not link to enterprise systems such as Salesforce or Oracle; it only provides long-tail data sources.

  • There is no help with data lakes.

Who is Portable best suited for?

Portable is ideal for teams who need to connect various data sources and want to focus on extracting insights from data rather than constructing and managing data pipelines.

2. Google Cloud Data Fusion

Google Cloud Data Fusion is a fully managed, cloud-native data integration platform that allows businesses to swiftly create, plan, and automate data pipelines. It includes several data management and manipulation tools and capabilities, such as support for data cleansing, data quality checks, and data mapping.

Top Features

  • Integration with Google Cloud products

  • Visual design environment

  • Data transformation functions

  • Data lineage and governance

  • Secure data transfer and Scalability

  • Cost-effective pricing and Good technical support


Three editions of Cloud Data Fusion are offered for pipeline development:

  • Developer Edition costs $0.35 per month (about $250).

  • Basic Edition costs $1.80 per month (about $1100).

  • The Enterprise Edition costs $4.20 per month (about $3,000).

  • The Basic edition includes the first 120 hours per month per account.

3. Hevo Data

Hevo Data is a data management and integration tool designed to help businesses integrate data from various sources. Hevo Data is a cloud-based platform, customers do not need to worry about installing, configuring, or maintaining the underlying infrastructure.

Hevo allows you to copy data in near real-time from over 150 sources, including Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, Databricks, and Firebolt.

Top Features

  • Automated Data Pipeline

  • 100+ Data Sources Supported

  • Real-time Data Replication

  • No-code Data Transformation

  • Data Quality and Governance

  • Multi-cloud Support

  • Scalability

  • 24/7 Support

  • Dashboard and Reports

  • Data Modeling

  • Retry Mechanism


  • Up to a million occurrences are free, but only from more than 50 data sources.

  • Beginner: $239 per month.

  • Individual quote for business

4. Apache Hive

The Apache Hive data warehouse and SQL-like query language are used by the Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS) and other big data systems. It provides an easy user interface for managing and performing queries on massive datasets stored in Hadoop and other big data systems such as Apache Spark and Apache Impala.

One of Hive's key features is its ability to turn SQL-like queries into MapReduce tasks that can be run on a Hadoop cluster.

Top Features

  • SQL-like query language and HiveQL

  • Data Partitioning and Table Bucketing

  • UDF (User-Defined Functions)

  • Support for Different File Formats

  • Performance Optimization

  • Integration with other Hadoop components

  • Multi-Language and Multi-user support


The Apache Software Foundation has not yet disclosed pricing information.

5. Blendo

Blendo Rudderstack contains Blendo, a cloud data platform for no-code ELT. It speeds up the setup process with automation scripts, allowing you to begin importing Redshift data straight immediately.

Top Features

  • Data Filtering and Data Extraction

  • API Integration

  • Match & Merge

  • Master Data Management

  • Data Integration and Data Analysis


  • Only three sources are available for free.

  • The Pro package costs $750 per month and includes modifications.

  • Pricing for enterprise plans can be customized.

6. Stitch

Stitch, a data pipeline tool, is included with Talend. It controls data extraction and simple manipulations using a built-in GUI, Python, Java, or SQL. Extra services include Talend Data Quality and Talend Profiling.

Top Features

  • Replication Frequency 

  • Warehouse views

  • Highly Scalable

  • Designed for High Availability 

  • Continuous Auditing and Email alerts

  • Transform Nested JSON


  • Available 14-day risk-free trial

  • The standard plan, starting at $100 per month, with up to 5 million active rows per month, one destination, and ten sources (limited to "Standard" sources)

  • At $1,250 per month, you can have an advanced package with up to 100 million rows and three locations.

  • At $2,500 a month, you can get a premium service with up to 1 billion rows and five locations.

7. AWS Glue

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Glue, a fully managed extract, transform, and load (ETL) solution, makes it simple to transport data between data storage. It provides a simple and customizable mechanism for organizing ETL processes, and it can automatically discover and classify data to make it easy to search for and query.

The Glue Data Catalog, AWS Glue's single metadata repository, is used to store and track data location, schema, and runtime metrics.

Top Features

  • Integrated Data catalog

  • Serverless and High Scalability

  • Job authoring

  • Integration with other AWS services

  • Data integration with popular data stores and open-source formats

  • Automated code generation

  • Monitoring and troubleshooting


Because AWS Glue is a pay-as-you-go service, users only pay for the resources they use. There are no startup costs or minimum charges while using AWS Glue. $0.44 per digital processing hour

8. Apache NiFi

The Apache Software Foundation developed the web-based open-source data integration platform known as Apache NiFi, which stands for "Data Flow." The automated data flow between systems simplifies the movement and transformation of data from many sources to various targets.

NiFi includes built-in processors for common tasks including filtering, aggregation, and enrichment. 

Top Features

  • Low latency and High throughput 

  • Dynamic prioritization

  • Flow can be modified at runtime 

  • Data Flow Automation

  • Extensibility and Customization

  • Scalability and high Data Security

  • Integration with Other Tools

  • Monitoring and Alerting

  • Easy to Use and Open-source


Apache NiFi's pricing information may vary depending on the configuration prices you require. It is available for purchase on the AWS Marketplace. The Professional edition costs $0.25 per hour if purchased with an AWS account.

9. Pentaho Kettle

Pentaho Kettle, also known as Pentaho Data Integration, is a powerful open-source platform for data integration and transformation (PDI).

The Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) paradigm, on which Pentaho Kettle is built, comprises extracting data from one or more sources, transforming it to meet specific requirements, and loading it into a destination.

Top Features

  • Job and Transformation design

  • Scalability

  • Error handling and recovery

  • Batch scheduling and monitoring

  • Extensibility


Pentaho Kettle presently has a 30-day free trial period. There is no pricing information supplied.

10. Fivetran

Fivetran is a cloud-based data integration platform that assists enterprises in automating data transfer from several sources to a central data warehouse or another place.

Fivetran uses a fully managed, zero-maintenance architecture, which means that tasks such as data translation, data quality checks, and data deduplication are performed automatically.

Top Features

  • Complete integration

  • Fast deployment

  • Important notifications are always up to date 

  • Fully managed

  • Personalized setup and Raw data access

  • Connect any BI tools

  • Directly mapped schema and Integration monitoring


Fivetran's three editions range in price from $1 to $2.

  • The Starter edition is $1 per credit.

  • Each credit costs $1.5 in the regular edition.

  • The Enterprise edition costs $2 per credit.

11. Dataddo

Dataddo is a data integration ETL software that allows you to transport data between any two cloud services. CRM tools, data warehouses, and dashboarding software are examples of such products and services.

Top Features

  • Managed Data Pipelines

  • 200+ Connectors

  • Infinitely Scalable

  • No-Code

  • Supports ETL, ELT, Reverse ETL

  • Free Pricing Tier


  • Offers free Sync data with any visualization tools, such as containing three data flows, once a week.

  • Data to Dashboards charges $129 per month for hourly data synchronization to any visualization program.

  • Data Anywhere offers Sync data between any sources and any destinations for $129 a month.

  • allows for Headless Data Integration Build your data products and additional payment mechanisms on top of the unified Dataddo API.

12.  Jaspersoft ETL/Talend Open Studio

Users can use the open-source data integration platform Jaspersoft ETL to construct, develop, and execute data integration and data transformation processes (formerly known as Talend Open Studio for Data Integration).

Top Features

  • Drag-and-drop process designer 

  • Activity monitoring 

  • Dashboard analyzes job execution and performance 

  • Native connectivity to ERP and CRM applications such as Salesforce.com, SAP, and SugarCRM


Standard plans can range from $100 to $1,250 per month, depending on the size; annual payments are subsidized.

13. CloverDX

CloverDX was one of the first Open-Source ETL Tools. It has a Java-based data integration framework that can transform, map, and deal with data in many formats.

Top Features

  • Data Filtering and Data Analysis

  • Match & Merge

  • Data Quality Control

  • Metadata Management

  • Version Control

  • Access Controls/Permissions

  • Third-Party Integrations


CloverDX Designer and CloverDX Server. Each has a 45-day trial period followed by established prices.

14.  Informatica PowerCenter

Informatica Corporation has made an ETL tool available. This tool allows you to connect to and retrieve data from multiple data sources. According to Informatica, the best implementation ratio is 100%. Instructions and software accessibility are significantly simpler than in prior ETL operations.

Top Features

  • Role-based tools and agile processes

  • Graphical and code-free tools

  • Grid computing

  • Distributed processing 

  • High availability, adaptive load balancing, dynamic partitioning, and pushdown optimization.


  • Professional Edition - This is a pricey edition that requires a license, with an annual cost of $8000 per user.

  • Personal Edition - You can use it for free and as needed.

15. Apache Airflow

Apache Airflow is an open-source framework for authoring, scheduling, and monitoring processes programmatically. It is developed in Python and configures workflows as directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) of jobs using a top-down approach. Airflow was created in 2014 by the firm AirBnB and has since become one of the most popular open-source projects in the data engineering area.

Top Features

  • Workflow authoring

  • Open source

  • Rigidity and Scalability

  • Airflow includes a web-based UI for monitoring the status of workflows and tasks, as well as a built-in system for sending alert emails when activities fail.

  • Dynamic DAG(directed acyclic graphs) generation


Airflow is free and open-source software distributed under Apache License 2.0.

16. IBM Infosphere Datastage

IBM InfoSphere DataStage is an IBM data integration and management platform. It is a component of the IBM InfoSphere Information Server Suite and is intended to assist enterprises in extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) data across various systems, databases, and file formats.

Top Features

  • A high-performance parallel framework that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Allows for the quick and easy deployment of integration run time on your preferred cloud environment.

  • Enterprise connectivity and expanded metadata management.

  • By transparently handling endpoint individuality, it yields enormous productivity improvements over coding.


  • The Small On IBM Cloud Managed package costs $19,000 per month.

  • The medium IBM Cloud Managed plan costs $35400 per month.

  • The Large plan on IBM Cloud Managed starts at $39,400 per month.

  • For Enterprise Edition, please contact the sales team.

17. SAP BusinessObjects Data Services

SAP BusinessObjects Data Services (BODS) is the company's data integration and data management platform. BODS is an SAP BusinessObjects BI (Business Intelligence) platform component that connects with other SAP products such as SAP HANA and SAP BW (Business Warehouse).

Top Features

  • SAP BODS is a platform that combines industry-leading data quality and integration.

  • It supports multi-users.

  • It includes extensive administrative capabilities as well as a reporting tool.

  • It supports parallel transformations with great performance.

  • With a web-services-based application, SAP BODS is extremely adaptable.

  • It supports scripting languages with extensive function sets.


SAP BusinessObjects Data Service does not have a free version. SAP BusinessObjects Data Service paid version starts at $35,000.00/year.

18. Integrate.io

Integrate.io is a cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that enables businesses to effortlessly connect and automate their business apps and data. The platform has several pre-built connectors to common business programs, as well as the ability to construct new integrations through the use of a drag-and-drop interface and several tools and APIs.

Top Features

  • Simple Data Transformations

  • Simple Workflow Design for Defining Task Dependencies

  • Data Security and Compliance

  • Diverse Data Source and Destination Options

  • Excellent Customer Service


  • The entry-level ETL and Reverse ETL plans start at $15,000 per year.

  • Professional ETL & Reverse ETL plans begin at $25,000 per year.

  • For Enterprise Edition, please contact the sales team.

19. Azure Data Factory

Microsoft Azure Data Factory (ADF) is a cloud-based data integration and data management tool. It is a component of the Azure platform that is intended to assist enterprises in extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) data across various systems, databases, and file formats. ADF helps you to build, schedule, and manage data pipelines that move and convert data between different data stores.

Top Features

  • ADF provides a graphical interface for designing, scheduling, and managing data pipelines, which allows you to move and transform data between data storage.

  • ADF is created in the cloud and uses Azure services such as Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure SQL Database, and Azure Data Warehouse.

  • Customer Pipeline

  • Monitoring and Debugging 

  • Orchestrator


  • Factory activities in Azure Data The cost of read/write starts at $0.50 for every 50,000 modified/referenced entities.

  • Monitoring begins at $0.25 per 50,000 run records obtained.

20. ETLWorks

Etlworks is a modern, cloud-first, any-to-any data integration platform that grows with your company. They use data to help people and organizations solve their most difficult problems.

Top Features

  • Cloud-based solution

  • Enterprise Service Bus

  • Change Replication

  • Support for online data warehouse

  • Automatic and manual mapping


Starts from $250 per month.

21. Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

SSIS is a platform for developing high-performance data integration and workflow solutions in Microsoft SQL Server. It is a component of the Microsoft SQL Server database program that is used to execute data integration and transformation activities.

Top Features

  • Data source connections built-in

  • Tasks and transformations are built in.

  • Source and destination ODBC

  • Connectors and tasks for Azure data sources

  • Tasks and Hadoop/HDFS connections

  • Tools for basic data processing


SSIS is part of SQL Server, which comes in a variety of editions ranging from free (Express and Developer editions) to $14,256 per core (Enterprise),

22. AWS Data Pipeline

AWS Data Pipeline is a web service that allows you to process and transport data between data stores. It enables you to create data-driven workflows that execute actions on a scheduled, repeated, or on-demand basis.

Top Features

  • Scheduling and automation of data transit and processing tasks

  • Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, and additional data sources and destinations are supported.

  • AWS Glue, Apache Hive, and Pig scripts are used to transform data.

  • Data movement and processing across AWS regions and accounts

  • Other AWS services, such as AWS Step Functions, Amazon SNS, and Amazon CloudWatch, are integrated.


  • Activities or preconditions running on AWS start at $1.00 per month for high frequency and $0.60 per month for low frequency.

  • On-premise activities or preconditions begin at $2.50 per month for high frequency and $1.50 per month for low frequency.

23. Skyvia

Skyvia is a cloud-based data integration and management platform that assists enterprises in connecting and managing data across cloud and on-premise apps and databases.

Top Features

  • Salesforce, Dynamics, Zoho, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and more data sources and destinations are supported.

  • Real-time data integration requires data replication and synchronization.

  • Capabilities for data backup and restoration

  • Features for data quality and validation

  • Direct data connectivity between apps 

  • Backup automation scheduling settings 

  • A wizard to ease local database connections


The most basic package starts at $15 per month. The standard plan is $79 per month, while the Professional plan costs $399 per month. Contact customer service for the Enterprise plan.

24. IRI Voracity

IRI Voracity is a data management and integration platform created by IRI, a software company specializing in data management and analytics. It is intended to assist enterprises in integrating, managing, and analyzing huge amounts of data from many sources, such as databases, files, and apps.

Top Features

  • Data transformation and Data segmentation

  • Job Design

  • Embedded reporting

  • BIRT, DataDog, KNIME, and Splunk integrations

  • JCL data redefinition

  • CoSort (SortCL) 4GL DDL/DML


It offers a free trial period. You can license the platform as an operating expense (OpEx), or as a capital investment for permanent use (CapEx). Contact the sales team for a quote.

25. Improvado

Improvado is a data integration and analytics platform that enables companies to connect, organize, and analyze data from many sources. It's intended to assist businesses to enhance their marketing and sales performance by giving a unified picture of their data.

Top Features

  • Allows data from many sources, such as advertising platforms, marketing automation systems, and CRM software, to be integrated.

  • Dashboards and reports

  • Support for different cloud environments

  • AI-based insights

  • About 80 SaaS sources

  • Demand Generation.


All new users receive a 14-day trial period. Standard plans range in price from $100 to $1,250 per month, with reductions for paying annually. Enterprise plans, which are priced individually for larger enterprises and mission-critical use cases, might include unique features, data amounts, and service levels.

26. Estuary

Estuary Flow is a tool for creating real-time data pipelines. Before importing data into your destination systems, you can use Flow to apply transformations. However, it is not standard ETL; rather, it is a data streaming solution with its own, distinct methodology.

Top Features

  • The processing method employed is Streaming in real time

  • 9+ destination connectors 

  • 25+ source connectors

  • Custom Connectors are accepted.

  • Unrestricted Sync Frequency of data


Estuary is presently in private beta; to get started, contact the sales team.

27. Sybase ETL

Sybase is a market leader in data integration. The Sybase ETL tool is designed to load data from various data sources, transform it into data sets, and then load it into the data warehouse.

Sub-components of Sybase ETL include Sybase ETL Server and Sybase ETL Development.

Top Features

  • Simple graphical user interface for creating data integration jobs.

  • It is simple to understand, and no additional training is required.

  • The dashboard provides a fast overview of where the processes are at.

  • Real-time reporting and improved decision-making.

  • It only works with the Windows operating system.

  • It reduces the cost, time, and human effort required for the data integration and extraction process.


There is no pricing information available. For price information, please contact the sales team.

28. Cognos Data Manager

ETL operations and high-performance business intelligence are carried out using IBM Cognos Data Manager. It offers the unique characteristic of multilingual support, which allows it to construct a global data integration platform. IBM Cognos Data Manager automates business operations and is available for Windows, UNIX, and Linux.

Top Features

  • A graphical user interface is used to create data integration and transformation jobs.

  • Support for numerous data sources, including relational databases, flat files, and cloud-based data sources like Salesforce and Google Analytics.

  • Data quality and data profiling features are built in to assist in identifying and correcting data issues.

  • The capacity to plan and execute data integration and transformation tasks

  • Support for incremental data loading, allowing organizations to update their data warehouse with new or altered data without reloading the full dataset.


There is no pricing information available.

29. Matillion

Matillion is a cloud-based data integration and transformation platform that assists enterprises in extracting data from several sources, transforming it, and loading it into data warehouses.

Top Features

  • A user-friendly interface for creating data integration and transformation pipelines.

  • Support for numerous data sources, including relational databases, flat files, and cloud-based data sources like Amazon S3 and Google Sheets.

  • Data transformation tools built in, such as filtering, pivoting and merging data

  • The capacity to plan and execute data integration and transformation tasks

  • Monitoring and logging features are included to aid with troubleshooting and auditing.


  • The basic plan costs $2.00 per credit.

  • The advanced plan starts at $2.50 per credit.

  • Enterprise plans begin at $2.70 per credit.

30. Oracle Warehouse Builder

Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) is a data integration and data modeling tool used on the Oracle Database platform to create and manage data warehouses and data marts. It provides a graphical environment for creating and constructing tasks related to data integration, data quality, and data modeling.

Top Features

  • Data source connection 

  • Data transformations

  • Data modeling

  • Data warehousing

  • It can be used in conjunction with other Oracle technologies such as Oracle BI and Oracle Data Integrator.


It is included with the most recent version of the Oracle database. You must pay an additional fee for support and software license updates.

31. SAP -- BusinessObjects Data Integrator

SAP BusinessObjects Data Integrator (BODI) is a data integration tool included with the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform. It enables enterprises to extract, transform, and load data into a data warehouse or data mart from a variety of sources, including relational databases and flat files.

Top Features

  • It aids in the integration and loading of data in the analytical environment.

  • The Data Integrator web administrator is a web-based interface for managing multiple repositories, metadata, web services, and task servers.

  • It aids in the scheduling, execution, and monitoring of batch jobs.

  • It is compatible with Windows, Sun Solaris, AIX, and Linux.

  • It is compatible with other SAP BusinessObjects technologies like SAP BusinessObjects Data Services and SAP Business Warehouse.


The plan starts at EUR 35000.

32. Oracle Data Integrator

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) is an Oracle Corporation-developed and owned data integration tool. It is a component of Oracle's data integration platform, which also includes Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Quality. ODI is intended to help developers create data integration solutions for a variety of use cases, including data warehousing, data transfer, and real-time data integration.

Top Features

  • Training, support, and professional services available.

  • Proprietary Licensing

  • Design And Development Environment

  • Integration with databases, Hadoop, ERPs, CRMs, B2B systems, flat files, XML, JSON, LDAP, JDBC, and ODBC out of the box. Java must be installed as well.


A single processor deployment costs around $36,400.

33. Ab Initio

Ab Initio is a proprietary software platform used to create and manage data integration initiatives. It includes a full range of tools for designing, creating, testing, and deploying data integration solutions. Ab Initio is well-known for its high-performance parallel processing and ability to handle massive amounts of data.

Top Features

  • Graphical Development.

  • Batch & Real-Time Processing.

  • Elastic Scaling.

  • Web Services & Microservices.

  • Data Formats & Connectors.

  • Metadata-Driven Applications.


This product or service's pricing has not been supplied by Ab Initio.

34. IBM -- Infosphere Information Server

Infosphere Information Server is an IBM product that was released in 2008. It is a market leader in data integration platforms that assist businesses in understanding and delivering important values. It is primarily intended for Big Data firms and large-scale corporations.

Top Features

  • It is a tool that has been commercially licensed.

  • The Infosphere Information Server is a comprehensive data integration platform.

  • It is compatible with Oracle, IBM DB2, and the Hadoop System.

  • It works with SAP through numerous plug-ins.

  • It contributes to the enhancement of data governance strategy.

  • It also aids in the automation of company procedures for cost-cutting purposes.

  • Data integration across different systems in real-time for all data types.

  • It is simple to combine with an existing IBM-licensed tool.


  • The Small On IBM Cloud Managed package costs $19,000 per month.

  • The medium IBM Cloud Managed plan costs $35400 per month.

  • The Large plan on IBM Cloud Managed starts at $39,400 per month.

  • For Enterprise Edition, please contact the sales team.

35. Logstash

This ETL tool is a real-time data pipeline that can take data, logs, and events from sources other than Elasticsearch, process them, and then store everything in an Elasticsearch data warehouse.

Top Features

  • Transformation of data.

  • Filtering of data.

  • Data analysis.

  • Managed File Transfers Adhoc file transfer solution utilizing FTP, HTTP, and other protocols.

  • Data Extraction Aids in the extraction of data from various databases and files.

  • Integration of APIs

  • It makes it simple to integrate logic or data with other software applications.


Logstash is offered as a free download and as a subscription with other Elastic Stack products starting at $16 per month.

36. Singer

The singer is a free and open-source data integration solution for the ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana). It is used to extract data from diverse sources, convert it to a common format, and put it into a data sink, most commonly Elasticsearch. The tool is intended to be basic, dependable, and straightforward to use. It includes a library of pre-built connections known as "taps" and pre-built data processing functions known as "targets."

Top Features

  • A simple command-line interface

  • A variety of data sources are supported.

  • Support for typical data transformations is built in.

  • Assistance with incremental data extraction and replication

  • Scheduling and automation assistance

  • An active open-source community dedicated to the creation and upkeep of connectors, transforms, and examples.


Because it is open-source, it is free to use.

37. DBConvert Studio

DBConvert Studio is DBConvert's data migration and synchronization program. It can convert and synchronize data between relational databases such as MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and Oracle. The software offers a user-friendly graphical user interface, database triggers and stored procedures support, and conversion and synchronization schedule.

Top Features

  • Accelerate your database migrations.

  • Transfer your data without errors.

  • Automatically convert views/queries

  • Use any of our three Sync Types to sync your data.

  • Trigger-based Sync allows you to quickly sync your databases.

  • Use sessions, command line mode, and the built-in scheduler to automate your job.

  • When connecting to a database, change the character set. We offer complete Unicode support.


DBConvert Studio provides a free trial and pricing for a single-user license begins at $599.

38. Workato

Workato is a cloud-based automation platform that allows you to integrate and automate numerous applications and services to optimize and improve company processes. It includes a plethora of pre-built connectors for popular apps like Salesforce, Google, Slack, and many others. With a visual, low-code platform, anyone can easily automate complicated business operations without programming knowledge.

Top Features

  • AI/Machine Learning

  • Access Controls/Permissions

  • Integrations Management

  • Event Tracking and Monitoring

  • Multiple Data Sources

  • No-Code


Workato provides a free trial and to obtain a quote, please contact the sales staff.

39. Keboola

Keboola is a data management and data integration platform that enables companies to connect, cleanse, transform, and analyze data from a variety of sources. It is a cloud-based system that allows users to extract, manipulate, and load data through an easy-to-use interface. It also includes a variety of pre-built interfaces for common data sources including Salesforce, Google Analytics, and MySQL. It is useful for automating data pipelines and developing custom integrations.

Top Features

  • Diverse Extraction Points

  • Data Structuring

  • Consolidation

  • Data Cleaning

  • Cloud Extraction

  • Visualization


Keboola offers a free plan and a support staff for enterprise plans.

40. Flowgear

Flowgear is a cloud-based integration platform for enterprises that allows them to connect and automate various apps and services. By providing pre-built connectors and a visual workflow designer, it enables users to develop unique integrations and automate workflows between disparate systems. Users can utilize this to automate and streamline corporate processes, resulting in improved data flow and efficiency.

Top Features

  • Real-Time Integration

  • Pre-Built and Reusable connectors

  • Routing And Orchestration

  • Data Encryption

  • Communication Protocol

  • Data Mapping


Flowgear provides a free trial and price range from free to $999/month for premium programs.

41. StarfishETL

StarfishETL is an ETL and data integration solution that allows enterprises to connect, extract, transform, and load data from a variety of sources. It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface for creating and managing data integration jobs. It supports data extraction from unstructured data sources such as CSV and Excel files, as well as a large range of pre-built connectors for major data sources such as MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle.

Top Features

  • Data Archiving.

  • Data Cleaning & Enhancement.

  • Data Lake & Warehouse Prep.

  • Full-Service Integration.

  • Notification Management.


The pricing for the Starfish software is based on cloud and online migration services. Cloud migration begins at $495 per month, whereas migration price begins at $1495 per month. CRM integration comes with its own set of price options. These vary according to the size of the business and can reach $1000 per month.

42. Rudderstack

RudderStack is the top open-source Customer Data Platform (CDP), offering data pipelines that make it simple to take data from any application, website, or SaaS platform and activate it in your warehouse and business tools.

Top Features

  • Support for data warehouses and data lakes.

  • CRMs, payment systems, and marketing tools are among the 24+ cloud sources.

  • Loads can be configured using table prefixes.

  • Select which data points to add to the schema.

  • Configurable sync timings allow you to manage pipeline schedules.

  • Destination transformations are optional.


The starter plan begins at $500.00 per month. Contact the sales staff for more information on various programs.

43. CData Sync

CData Sync is a data integration tool that allows users to duplicate data from multiple data sources (such as databases, cloud services, and SaaS applications) to a specified destination (such as another database, a data lake, or a data warehouse).

Top Features

  • Scheduling Jobs.

  • Notifications.

  • Advanced Job Options.

  • Incremental Updates

  • Log-based Replication

  • Firewall Traversal


Pricing for CData Sync is depending on the number of connectors and data replications required. Pricing is tailored to the specific use case starting from $3,999.005 Per Connection Per Year. You can contact them for more information on their free trials.

44. Talend Data Fabric

Talend Data Fabric is a data integration and management platform that offers a variety of tools for data collection, integration, management, and delivery. It enables users to access, administer, and share data through the use of a standardized set of data management and integration services. It is compatible with a wide range of data sources and platforms, including databases, big data platforms, and cloud services.

Top Features

  • Obtain data in any format from all of your sources.

  • Run in any environment, whether cloud, on-premises, or hybrid.

  • Carry out any integration style: ETL, ELT, batch processing, or real-time processing

  • With machine learning-augmented tools and advice, you can simply standardize and purify data.

  • Once written, it may be deployed everywhere.


Talend Data Fabric is a commercial offering with pricing based on the number of runtime engines, connectors, and developer seats. You can contact them for more information about their free trial.

45. StreamSets

StreamSets is a data integration and management platform that lets users collect, process, and send data from a variety of sources to a variety of destinations. It offers a diverse set of data connectors and integration features, allowing users to connect to a variety of data sources, including databases, log files, cloud services, and IoT devices, and stream data in real-time.

Top Features

  • A dynamic data map

  • Intelligent pipelines

  • Cloud-based 

  • Performance management


Professional plans begin at $1000 per month. Contact the sales staff for the Enterprise plan.

46. Confluent Platform

Confluent Platform is a real-time data streaming platform that enables users to collect, process, and analyze data in real-time from diverse sources. The platform is built on Apache Kafka and offers a variety of capabilities for connecting to various data sources, processing and analyzing data in real-time, and interacting with other systems and applications.

Top Features

  • Encryption of data

  • Authorization and authentication

  • Service quality

  • Kafka connection

  • Downloadable for free


The basic plan is completely free to use. The standard plan starts at $1.50 per hour, while the dedicated plan is based on capacity.

47. Adeptia ETL Suite

Adeptia ETL Suite is a data integration and management platform that lets users collect, process, and distribute data from a variety of sources to a variety of destinations. It offers a diverse set of data connectors and integration features, allowing users to connect to a variety of data sources, including databases, log files, cloud services, and IoT devices, and stream data in real-time. It also includes data validation, data quality, data mapping, and data transformation capabilities to assist users in completing complicated data integration tasks.

Top Features

  • Partner Management: a built-in web portal that allows users to easily and quickly configure partner roles 

  • Standards Data Dictionaries and pre-built message schemas

  • Schemas: Flat files, positional files with fixed lengths, and ANSI X12 EDI

  • Process Designer is a web-based design tool that assists IT staff in collaborating with business analysts.


The license fee begins at $2,000 per user each month.

48. Apatar ETL

Apatar ETL is a free and open-source data integration and management platform that enables users to collect, process, and transport data from a variety of sources to a variety of destinations. It also includes data validation, data quality, data mapping, and data transformation capabilities to assist users in completing complicated data integration tasks.

Top Features

  • Integration in both directions

  • Platform-agnostic, running on Windows, Linux, and Mac; 100% Java-based

  • Java source code is available for easy customization.

  • There is no coding! Non-developers can design and execute transformations using a visual job designer and mapping.


Apatar ETL is free to use and open-source. The software has no cost associated with it. You may, however, be required to pay for commercial support, training, and/or customization, which are provided by various organizations.

49. Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is an open-source message broker project that aims to create a unified, high-throughput, low-latency platform for interacting with real-time data sources. Kafka is a commit log service that is distributed, partitioned, and replicated. It has the functionality of a messaging system but a distinct design.

Top Features

  • Publish and subscribe to record streams, much like a message queue or business messaging system.

  • Store record streams in a fault-tolerant and long-lasting manner.

  • Process record streams as they come in.

  • Kafka has a high throughput and can handle millions of events per second.

  • By adding more brokers to a cluster, Kafka can be readily scaled.

  • To prevent data loss, Kafka messages are persisted on disk and replicated within the cluster.


Apache Kafka is free to use because it is open-source. If you use Kafka in a production environment, however, you may need to pay for support and maintenance if you want expert assistance.

50. Apache Oozie

Apache Oozie is a free and open-source workflow scheduling system for big data systems like Hadoop. It is intended to aid enterprises in the management and scheduling of large data workloads such as data pipelines, batch processes, and complex multi-step workflows.

Top Features

  • Scalable

  • Workflow scheduling

  • Support for multiple types of Hadoop jobs

  • Excellent Monitoring

  • Good Error handling

  • Coordination 

  • Reliable 

  • Extensible 


Apache Oozie is open-source and free to use, so no subscription or license costs are involved.

51. Apache Falcon

Apache Falcon is a data management and orchestration platform for big data systems like Apache Hadoop, Apache Pig, and Apache Hive. It is intended to assist enterprises in easily and efficiently managing and scheduling their data pipelines, monitoring their data pipelines, and tracking the history of their data.

Top Features

  • Falcon gives an end-to-end picture of data lineage that may be used to understand data origin and flow as well as identify data quality issues.

  • Easy to use

  • Multi-faceted

  • Streamline processes


Apache Falcon is open-source and free to use, so no subscription or license costs are involved.

52. EplSite ETL

EplSite ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is a data integration and transformation technology available for purchase. Eplitec created the EplSite Suite, which includes it. It's a sophisticated tool that enables users to create and execute data pipelines that move, transform, and combine data from diverse sources to destination systems.

Top Features

  • Simple to use.

  • Consumption of resources is minimal.

  • Only the tools are required to complete the task.

  • The web interface.

  • Cron jobs can be used to execute modifications.


There is a free trial package available. For additional information, please contact the support team.

53. Scriptella ETL

Scriptella ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is a data integration and transformation tool that is open source. It enables users to create and run data pipelines that move, transform, and combine data from several sources to destination systems. Because Scriptella is written in Java, it can run on a variety of operating systems. Its key aim is simplicity, so users do not need to learn yet another complex XML-based language - simply use SQL (or any scripting language appropriate for the data source) to conduct essential changes.

Top Features

  • Scriptella employs an XML-based configuration file that allows users to build scripts in a variety of languages, including JavaScript, SQL, and Velocity.

  • Simple to use and Easy to run 

  • In a single ETL file, work with many data sources.

  • Many key JDBC features, such as batching, prepared statements, and SQL parameters, including references to files (BLOBs), and JDBC escaping, are supported.

  • Performance

  • Help with evaluated expressions and properties (based on JEXL syntax)

  • Flexible error handling 


Scriptella ETL is free to use, and there is no cost to use it.

54. Apache Crunch

Apache Crunch is a free and open-source Java data processing and analysis framework. It is based on Apache Hadoop and offers a high-level API for executing sophisticated data analytic tasks. Crunch accepts data sources in a variety of formats, including Avro, CSV, and SequenceFiles, and allows users to create data pipelines in a functional programming approach.

Top Features

  • Multi-faceted

  • Easy to use

  • Supports various WriteModes 

  • High-level API

  • Integration with Apache Hadoop


Apache Crunch is free to use because it is open-source.

55. Airbyte

Airbyte is a free and open-source data integration tool that syncs data from apps, APIs, and databases to data warehouses, lakes, and other locations.

Top Features

  • Use or modify over 300 standard connectors.

  • With our CDK, you can create bespoke connectors in just 30 minutes.

  • Configure replications to match your specific requirements.

  • Scalable pricing 

  • Provides the best support.


Provides three plans: free, cloud, and enterprise 

  • Cloud, with prices starting at $2.50/credit.

  • For Enterprise plans, please contact Sales.

56. Meltano

Meltano enables data extraction and loading using a software development-inspired technique that provides flexibility and endless cooperation.

Top Features

  • Open Source

  • Isolated Dev Environments

  • Inline Hashing for PII

  • Pipeline Testing

  • Pipelines as Code

  • 300+ Connectors


It's open-source and completely free to use.

57. Alteryx

Alteryx is a visual workflow tool that combines Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) and spatial processing capabilities. It enables you to quickly access and convert different datasets, including spatial databases, to give geographic business intelligence to assist sales, marketing, and operational concerns.

Top Features

  • Discover strong insights with low-code, no-code analytics automation that is user-friendly.

  • Access any data source, no matter how large or little, whether in the cloud or on-premises.

  • With 300+ drag-and-drop automation building elements, you can create repeatable, interactive workflows.


Alteryx pricing begins at $5195.0 per user per year. Alteryx offers only one plan: Alteryx Designer, which costs $5195.00 per user per year.

58. Precog

Precog is a completely new AI-powered ELT platform that offers users a No Code solution for quickly and automatically linking to any data source and building reasonable tables from the data for usage in any Data Warehouse, BI, or ML tools.

Top Features

  • A no-code solution that does not necessitate technical knowledge

  • There are both SaaS and on-premise solutions available.

  • Built-in support for 10,000+ data sources

  • Support for 100+ destinations


Precog Express costs $200 per month per source or $2,000 per year. Pricing for agencies and OEMs is available upon request.