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Manually triggered syncs


Trigger syncs as often as you want

  • Unlimited data volumes
  • Load data when you need it
  • From any source
  • To any data warehouse
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One-off scheduled data flows

Most popular


Per flow to replicate data on a cadence

  • Unlimited data volumes
  • Daily sync frequency
  • From any source
  • To any data warehouse
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Automate your business


For complete platform access

  • Up to 10 scheduled data flows
  • 15 minute frequency
  • From any source
  • To any data warehouse
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Frequently asked questions

Does Portable charge on data volume?

No, we believe ELT pricing should be predictable and easy to understand. We do not have data volume caps, and you do not pay more for higher data volumes. You simply pay fixed, predictable prices when you want to schedule a recurring data flow.

Can I sign up for a free trial?

You can start today for free. Create an account, connect to a data source, and manually trigger a sync. There is no time limit on our free tier. It is entirely free to sync data manually. Once you like what you see, our affordable monthly pricing makes it easy to sync data on a cadence.

Can anyone use Portable?

We have to prioritze the geographies we focus on. At this moment, we only support clients that are based in the United States. If you are interested in signing up for our waitlist abroad, reach out and we will notify you when your region is available.

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