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Mozart Data

Mozart Data is your full-service modern data platform for centralizing, organizing, and analyzing your data. Get set up in an hour and start working with our data analysts.

Upright Analytics

Upright Analytics runs point on your business intelligence systems to build beautiful, robust data solutions.


Coalesce is a Snowflake-native data transformation tool. By automating the majority of the SnowSQL that would otherwise need to be written by hand, Coalesce gives Snowflake users the ability to build and manage their data warehouse 10x faster, without sacrificing flexibility.


Estuary provides future-proof pipelines with both historical and real-time data, set up in minutes, without managing infrastructure.


Selfr is a plug & play data platform that empowers teams with limited data engineering resources to centralize, transform, and share data at scale.

Zing Data

Zing Data lets you query and visualize data from anywhere, with apps for iOS, Android, and the web. Free for small teams, Zing's shared questions and @mentions make it easy for the whole company to stay on the same page.

Data Ideas

Data Ideas shows what analytics makes possible, by hosting live events honoring impactful work and building a repository of project ideas.


Speakeasy offers an SDK to automate common operations for your REST APIs with just a few lines of code.