Top 10 Hevo Alternatives & Competitors: NEW (July 2023)

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Some ETL tools require code for everything, while others let you create new connectors and build a pipeline using a graphic user interface. Hevo is a no-code platform that's built for those with less technical skills, and is designed for anyone to get up and running quickly.

But Hevo isn't the only data pipeline tool out there, and it might not even be the best one for your needs. Today, we'll look at the top 10 Hevo Data alternatives so you can find the best platform for your business.

Is Hevo Data Worth the Hype?

Hevo Data (often just called Hevo) is a comprehensive data pipeline tool that works with ETL, ELT, and Reverse ETL workflows.

What makes Hevo unique is its focus on simplifying the data process. Hevo prides itself on a no-code interface that's easy to learn and use, and features that make it easy to transform data and deliver intelligence to the tools you use.

What Hevo Users Are Saying

According to their profile on G2, Hevo has a few issues.

  1. Hevo doesn't give you granular control over when you'll run data pipelines.
  2. That means you can't choose a specific time of day for a process to run.
  3. You might need to manually map data between some tools.
  4. Pricing can be tricky to understand.
  5. Only 150+ built-in data connectors.
  • "It would be nice if we could file pipelines under folders or categorize them in some way. It would also be great if we could duplicate pipelines".

  • "Let's say we have a bunch of source databases with the same schema and we want to do the same thing to all of them, with a different table prefix when they land in the destination. It would be awesome if we could manage pipelines at scale like this."

  • "However, the biggest thing I dislike is, sadly, Hevo has a limit. It won't stop you mass-creating pipelines but there are only so many it can handle before it can't keep up with schedules."

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Hevo pricing

  • Free: One million events (limited to 50+ data connectors)

  • Starter: Starts at $239/month

  • Business: Custom quote

For Reverse ETL workflows, businesses will need to use Hevo Activate:

  • Free: Access to 4 data warehouses and 3 SaaS targets

  • Starter: $199/month (limited to 4 data warehouses and 4 SaaS targets)

  • Business: Contact sales

  • Flexible pricing

Hevo's key features

  • Fast configuration in just a few clicks with a graphic interface that doesn't require coding

  • Support for ETL, ELT, and Reverse ETL workflows

  • Support for major data destinations, including Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Databricks, MySQL, and more

  • Support for the most popular data sources, including Microsoft Azure, Oracle, Google Analytics, AWS platforms, and more

Hevo's downsides

  • Limited support for long-tail data sources---only 150+

  • Less control over data loading frequencies, such as setting a specific time of day

  • May require manual mapping to transfer data between tools

Top 10 Hevo Alternatives

  1. Portable
  2. Fivetran
  3. Segment
  4. Matillion
  5. Precog
  6. Stitch
  7. Rivery
  8. Meltano
  9. CData
  10. Airbyte

1. Portable

Portable offers the long-tail connectors you won't find on Hevo. It supports more than 250 connectors, and the Portable team will create custom integrations upon request, which the team will also maintain.

Portable is an attractive option for teams looking for a zero-code option to create new data connectors that doesn't leave them on the hook for maintenance as APIs change.

Portable pricing

  • Manual: Unlimited data sources including destinations, volumes, and sources using manual sync

  • Scheduled data flow: $200 per data flow with unlimited sources, destinations, and volumes

  • Custom: Talk to sales team

What's included with Portable?

  • 250+ data source connectors

  • Support for cloud-based data warehouses

  • Unlimited data sources, destinations, and volumes

  • Development and maintenance of new data source connectors for free

  • Personalized customer support

Prebuilt connectors

Portable comes with 250+ prebuild connectors centered around applications that major platforms don't support.

Custom connectors

Portable can build and maintain new data connectors at no additional cost. The team can deliver new connectors within days, and sometimes even hours.

Maintenance and support

Portable provides hands-on customer support.


  • Unlimited data, destinations, and sources with transparent pricing

  • Full-featured manual plan lets you test all connectors for as long as you'd like

  • 250+ connectors focused on sources other companies don't support

  • Custom connector creation and maintenance at no cost


  • Doesn't work with the biggest enterprise sources (e.g., Salesforce or QuickBooks)

  • Not compatible with databases as sources

  • Not available internationally

Who is Portable best suited for?

Companies that require long-tail or custom data connectors, but don't have the capability to build or maintain them in-house.

2. Fivetran

Fivetran is a data platform that's focused on large enterprises. Fivetran offers ETL and CDC capabilities.

Fivetran pricing

  • Standard Select: Est. $60/month (limited to one user and 500k active monthly rows)

  • Starter: Est. $120/month (limited to 10 users)

  • Standard: Est. $180/month

  • Enterprise: Est. $240/month

  • Business Critical: Contact sales

  • A 14-day free trial is available

What's included with Fivetran?

  • Solid support for the most well-known enterprise applications

  • Native warehouse transformation

  • Data security features included in the platform

  • Data replication using change data capture

Prebuilt connectors

Fivetran provides more than 160 data source connectors, focused around the most popular big data sources.

Custom connectors

You can request custom data connectors on the Fivetran website, but there aren't details on how these requests are prioritized or their estimated delivery times. You can create new connectors, but not all plans have access to Fivetran's REST API.

Maintenance and support

Fivetran provides 24/7 support for all plans. Higher-tier plans offer SLAs.


  • One of the most established ETL tools, with major companies as clients

  • Integrations with the biggest business sources and destinations

  • Real-time or near-real-time data sync


  • Premium pricing that's more expensive than most other Hevo Data alternatives

  • A complex pricing model that can be difficult to understand and predict month to month

  • Limited long-tail data connectors and unclear process for custom creation

  • No support for ELT workloads, only ETL

Who is Fivetran best suited for?

Fivetran is best for companies that use the most widely available data sources and have a bigger budget.

3. Segment

Segment is a business intelligence platform that focuses on customer data. It offers some unique features tailored to marketing and sales use cases.

Segment pricing

  • Free: 1,000 visitors per month and two data sources

  • Team: $120/month for up to 10,000 monthly users

  • Business: Custom pricing

What's included with Segment?

  • 300+ data connectors

  • Data management and debugging built-in

  • Support for embedding, creating user profiles, and segmentation based on the buyer journey

  • Exports user information to CRMs and other marketing tools

Prebuilt connectors

Segment includes 300+ ready-made connectors. These are available across all plans.

Custom connectors

Segment comes with a Functions tool that lets you create custom data connectors.

Maintenance and support

Segment provides different levels of support across different plans. Teams must be on a plan worth at least $60,000 to qualify for an upgrade in support.


  • User-friendly and intuitive interface

  • Affordable pricing and a no-cost plan for small companies

  • Its focus on customer data analytics provides unique features to segment, categorize, and analyze users


  • Pricing based on monthly visitors can be expensive for organizations with large numbers of anonymous users

  • Not all connectors use all API fields and may require additional programming

  • Built around sales and marketing data, with less applicability to other use cases

Who is Segment best suited for?

Data teams that focus solely on customer data.

4. Matillion

Matillion is an established ETL platform that focuses on enterprise customers. Matillion offers an on-premise option in addition to its SaaS platform.

Matillion Pricing

  • Free: Limited to 1 million rows per month

  • Basic: $2.00/credit

  • Advanced: $2.50/credit

  • Enterprise: $2.70/credit

What's included with Matillion?

  • 110+ data source connectors

  • On-premise and SaaS deployments available

  • Cloud data transformation using a graphic user interface

  • Consumption-based pricing model

  • Compatible with Matillion Data Loader and Matillion ETL tools

Prebuilt connectors

Matillion includes 110+ connectors. The two tools that make up the Matillion data suite don't have the exact same type of connectors.

Custom connectors

Matillion doesn't support most long-tail data sources. Customers can use the GUI to build basic API integrations but is responsible for ongoing maintenance.

Maintenance and support

Matillion offers a client help portal.


  • Strong built-in data transformation capabilities

  • On-premise and SaaS options available

  • Data governance is easier since Matillion is an all-in-one provider


  • Matillion's GUI-based transformations may be difficult to master

  • Fewer data connections than the other competitors

  • Focus on Matillion's internal tools can mean less compatibility with other BI tools

Who is Matillion best suited for?

Matillion is best for large companies looking for an all-in-one tool, especially companies that need an on-premise deployment.

5. Precog

Precog is a universal, no-code data connector platform designed for cloud ETL workflows. It uses an AI engine to connect, interpret, and apply schema to new types of data.

Precog pricing

Request a demo or trial for pricing (based on data sources used).

What's included with Precog?

  • 10,000+ built-in data sources

  • Support for more than 100 destinations

  • SaaS and on-premise deployments available

  • No-code solution that doesn't require technical knowledge to operate

Prebuilt connectors

Precog provides over 10,000 data sources---thousands more than Hevo.

Custom connectors

You can use Precog's AI tool to build new data connectors in a matter of minutes. The Precog team also develops new data sources upon request, and delivers within 48 hours.

Maintenance and support

Precog provides customer service based on your needs.


  • More data sources out of the box than any other platform

  • Straightforward, no-surprises pricing

  • AI engine that is able to understand the new data sources without coding

  • SaaS and on-premise solutions available


  • Newer platform with a limited user base

  • The no-code, AI-based model can be restrictive to teams with technical proficiency

  • Connector-based pricing can get expensive for teams that draw on a large number of sources

Who is Precog best suited for?

Precog is best for teams that want a code-free solution to import data from hard-to-find data sources.

6. Stitch

Stitch is an ETL tool focused on data-driven business analytics. Stitch has been designed to make it easier to manage data with automations like alerting and monitoring. You can transform data natively using Java, SQL, Python, or Stitch's built-in UI.

Stitch Pricing

  • Standard: Starts at $100/month (limited to five million active monthly rows, one destination, and 10 sources)

  • Advanced: $1250/month (limited to 100 million rows and three destinations)

  • Premium: $2500/month (limited to one billion rows and five destinations)

  • 14-day free trial

What's included?

  • 130+ data source connectors

  • Integration with the Singer protocol for open-source connector development

  • Cost-effective solution for common data sources

  • Support for commonly used warehouses and data lakes

Prebuilt connectors

Stitch includes 130+ data sources, but some are classified as "Enterprise" and only available on the Premium and Advanced plans.

Custom connectors

Stitch comes with its own REST API. It also works with the Singer open-source data connectivity standard.

Maintenance and support

Stitch provides chat and email support to all customers during normal business hours. Customers on more expensive plans may be eligible for telephone support or a dedicated support rep.


  • Robust transformations, including nested JSON

  • Quick setup in a matter of minutes and helpful customer service

  • Compatible with the Talend suite of data tools


  • Pricing can be costly and difficult to forecast

  • Premium customer support is limited for customers on the standard plan

  • Singer connectors may break without warning and aren't maintained by Stitch

Who is Stitch best suited for?

Teams that rely on the most commonly used data sources, or have the resources to develop their own connectors with the Stitch API or Singer protocol.

7. Rivery

Rivery is cloud-based SaaS ELT solution that uses so-called "rivers" as scripts for data workflows. It provides no-code and code solutions that use interactive GUIs along with native Python.

Rivery Pricing

  • Starter: $0.75 per credit

  • Professional: $1.20 per credit

  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

  • One credit equals 1 API pipeline execution, 100 MB of data replication, or one logic or transformation execution

  • 14-day free trial

What's included with Rivery?

  • 200+ built-in data source connectors

  • 15+ data destinations

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Transformations, logic, and Reverse ETL capabilities

  • Data starter kits to help create integrations quickly

Prebuilt connectors

Rivery offers over 200 prebuilt connectors out of the box. All connectors are included for all plans.

Custom connectors

The Rivery Custom API feature lets you import data from any source. Rivery is also able to create custom data connectors upon request, though turnaround times are unclear.

Maintenance and support

Rivery provides 24/7 support around the world and has customer service based on your plan's tier. Rivery has been praised for its customer support, earning a 9.8/10 score on G2 (the industry's average for support is 8.5).


  • Detailed API support for developers

  • Fast development that can help you create an operational data pipeline in a matter of hours

  • Highly acclaimed for outstanding customer service by G2

  • Large number of supported data connectors


  • Error alerts, messages and error alerts can be confusing, which can make it slow to recognize and fix problems

  • Pricing may be hard to calculate and predict

  • Drag-and-drop user interface can be difficult to navigate for complex scripts

Who is Rivery best suited for?

Rivery is ideal for teams with less technical knowledge that need to start up quickly.

8. Meltano

Meltano is an open-source data platform designed for engineers. It was spun off from GitLab in 2021, making Meltano among the most recent startups to enter the market.

Meltano Pricing

At present, Meltano only offers a free, self-hosted open-source platform. However, a managed SaaS solution is in the works and will be available to the public in 2023.

What's included with Meltano?

  • 300+ built-in connectors

  • Integration with the Singer format for flexible data source integrations

  • Open-source platform under MIT license

  • Version control using Git integration

  • Public-facing roadmap

Prebuilt connectors

Meltano supports 300+ connectors natively.

Custom connectors

Meltano offers a complete SDK that integrates with Singer to create customized integrations. Singer can give you more flexibility, since its "taps" (data extraction) connect to all "targets" (data loading). However, your team will be responsible for development and maintenance.

Maintenance and support

Meltano has a fast-growing community. Meltano may also offer paid support upon launching the SaaS solution.


  • Open-source platform that's free to use

  • Built-in best practices such as Git version control, end-to-end CI testing, and separate staging and development environments

  • Large connector library through Singer


  • Meltano doesn't have a no-code or low-code solution like Hevo

  • You'll need to host Meltano yourself, at least until the managed solution launches

  • No official support and relatively small community for help

Who is Meltano best suited for?

Teams with data engineers looking for a code-first solution.

9. CData

CData is a universal connectivity platform built to help companies with data-driven decision-making. It provides a range of tools including ELT/ETL, data visualization, cloud connectivity, and more.

CData pricing

  • Standard: $49/month (one data source)

  • Professional: $99/month (limited to five data sources)

  • Enterprise: $199/month (limited to 10 data sources; custom pricing for more than 10 sources)

What's included with CData?

  • 250+ connectors

  • A suite of tools that includes Sync, Arc, and many more

  • Optimized speed for all "drivers" (data sources)

  • Well-review and highly rated customer support team

  • Support for ETL, ELT, and Reverse ETL

  • Cloud-based or on-premise deployments available

Prebuilt connectors

CData includes 250+ prebuilt real-time data sources. CData calls these connections "drivers."

Custom connectors

CData offers a Universal API Driver that allows you to connect to different data sources.

Maintenance and support

CData generally receives positive reviews for its customer service. CData offers email support on all plans, and Enterprise plans with more than five users can add Premium Support, which includes telephone support as well as priority resolution and 24-hour response time.


  • Affordable cloud plans with easy-to-understand pricing

  • A wide range of connectors available for the most popular data sources

  • Tools in the CData suite can help with every step in the data pipeline


  • Because each tool is sold separately, using the CData suite can be costly if you need several features

  • Some users say the documentation is complicated

  • Custom fields are not supported in data applications

Who is CData best suited for?

Businesses looking for a data pipeline tool with solutions focused on SQL servers.

10. Airbyte

Airbyte is an open-source ELT tool. You can extract data, load it to destinations using Airbyte's UI or API, and transform raw or normalized data with dbt-based transformations.

Airbyte pricing

  • Open source: Free, as you'll be hosting the software yourself

  • Cloud: $2.50/credit (one million rows equal 6 credits; 1 GB equals 4 credits)

  • Cloud high volume: Custom pricing for users who need more than 5,000 credits

What's included with Airbyte?

  • 170+ data connectors (not all of them available on cloud service)

  • Open-source solution that's free to host yourself

  • Change data capture support for databases

  • Support for the data warehouses and data lakes as destinations

  • Credit-based pricing, or the option to host the open-source version yourself for free

  • Transformations with dbt

Prebuilt connectors

Airbyte currently has more than 170 connectors on its open source platform. Some of them are not accessible on the cloud platform currently.

Custom connectors

You can request custom connectors via the Airbyte website, but they'll choose those that are the most popular. It's also possible to create new connectors, but you'll need to develop and maintain connectors yourself.

Maintenance and support

Airbyte has a robust community of more than 12,000 users. Paid plans include in-app chat  with a one-hour response time.


  • Open-source platform you can install on your own

  • Engineer-focused platform, with CDK to speed up development

  • Support for 20 locations, more than many other competitors


  • You'll have to design your long-tail connections and keep them up-to-date by yourself

  • Credit-based pricing model may be difficult to predict

  • Cloud service is missing a variety of well-known data sources and destination options (e.g., WordPress, Google Analytics 4, Apache Kafka)

Who is Airbyte best suited for?

Engineering teams with the ability to develop and maintain custom connectors with Airbyte's CDK.

Hevo Alternatives: The Bottom Line

Choosing the right data integration tool can mean the difference between gaining insights now and missing out on actionable improvements because your data is unusable. Making a smart choice early on can save headaches down the road.

Hevo is a popular data pipeline tool, but it's not the right fit for a lot of businesses. With only 150+ data connectors, you can get stuck with data sources that don't integrate with Hevo, leaving you with unusable data until your team can patch a fix. You also have limited control over pipeline timeframes, and pricing can be a challenge. There are plenty of alternatives with the same benefits as Hevo but without the downsides.

Looking for the best Hevo alternative?

Get started with Portable.