Top 10 Rivery Alternatives & Competitors (2023 Update)

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The right ELT tool for your business depends on your level of technical knowledge and complexity of your data.

Some platforms are built with programmers in mind. They give you complete control, but have a steep learning curve that requires detailed knowledge of Python, Java, or other languages to master.

Other platforms are built to be easy to use, even for those without technical knowledge. That's the point of Rivery: an intuitive, visual tool for data pipelines and workflow orchestration.

But Rivery isn't perfect, and there are plenty of other ELT tools on the market. Today, we'll look at the 10 top Rivery competitors so you can make the best choice for your organization.

Is Rivery right for your business?

Rivery is a no-code, cloud-based SaaS ELT platform for big data. It's built to make it easy to use your data and has several features you won't find in other platforms.

For example, Rivery calls ELT scripts "rivers" and uses a graphic interface (with optional native Python) to set them up.

It also comes with starter kits, which are prebuilt workflows ready to use for common processes, like uploading HubSpot information to Databricks or automating Tableau data refreshes.

But Rivery has a few downsides as well. For example, it uses a per-credit pricing model that's fairly complex (API source ingestion, replication, and orchestration all count them differently) can be hard to predict from month to month. The drag-and-drop interface can also become unwieldy for large, complex data flows.

Rivery pricing

  • Starter: $0.75 per credit

  • Professional: $1.20 per credit

  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

  • One credit equals 1 API pipeline execution, 100 MB of data replication, or one logic or transformation execution

  • 14-day free trial

Rivery's key features

  • 200+ built-in data source connectors, including major sources like MongoDB, Oracle, AWS properties, and more

  • Support for major destinations, including Snowflake, Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery

  • Detailed API support for developers

  • Fast GUI and starter kits can help you set up a pipeline in just a few hours

  • Recognized for outstanding customer support by G2

Rivery's drawbacks

  • Pricing is complex and can be difficult to predict since it can change during each billing period

  • Graphical interface can become confusing for more complex scripts

  • Error alerts and messaging can be hard to interpret and make it difficult to pinpoint the source of the problem

Top 10 Rivery alternatives

  1. Portable
  2. Segment
  3. Airbyte
  4. Meltano
  5. CData
  6. Fivetran
  7. Matillion
  8. Precog
  9. Stitch
  10. Hevo

1. Portable

Portable creates and maintains the connectors you won't rind with Rivery. It has a library of 250+ prebuilt connectors focused on the long-tail data sources other platforms don't provide and will create and maintain new data sources on request at no additional cost.

Portable's hands-on help makes it easy to connect to all your data sources quickly and without ongoing maintenance work as APIs change.

Portable pricing

  • Manual: Unlimited data sources including destinations, volumes, and sources using manual sync

  • Scheduled data flow: $200 per data flow with unlimited sources as well as destinations and volumes

  • Custom: Talk to sales team

What's included with Portable?

  • 250+ data source connectors

  • Support for cloud data warehouses

  • Unlimited data sources, destinations, and volumes on all plans

  • Development and maintenance of new data sources for free

  • Premium support for users on all plans

Prebuilt connectors

Portable comes with 250+ pre-built connectors for less-popular applications that major competitors don't support.

Custom connectors

Portable can develop and update the data connectors your team needs at no additional cost. The development process is quick, and new connectors can be available in days or even hours.

Maintenance and support

Portable provides 24/7 customer support to solve any problems quickly.


  • Transparent pricing with unlimited data

  • You can try all the connectors for as long as you'd like at no cost

  • Focus on long-tail connectors other Rivery competitors tend to ignore

  • Support for custom connectors and creation of custom connectors included in plan


  • Doesn't work with the most popular enterprise data sources (e.g., Salesforce or QuickBooks)

  • Doesn't work with databases as data sources

  • Not available for companies outside the U.S.

Who is Portable best suited for?

Businesses that require custom long-tail data connectors, but don't have the resources to build or maintain their own connectors.

2. Segment

Segment is a data management platform specifically designed to work with customer data.

Twilio bought Segment at the end of 2020. Its customer focus gives it unique features you won't find in other platforms.

Segment pricing

  • Free: 1,000 visitors per month and two data sources

  • Team: $120/month for up to 10,000 monthly users

  • Business: Custom pricing

What's included with Segment?

  • 300+ connectors

  • Data management and debugging features

  • Support to embed pixels, segment user profiles, and integrate customer journeys

  • Exports user information to marketing tools and CRMs

Prebuilt connectors

Segment includes 300+ connectors built-in. They're included in all plans, even the free plan.

Custom connectors

Segment comes with a Functions tool to make it easy to develop your own connectors.

Maintenance and support

Segment offers three levels of support that include Standard (included in every plan) Advanced, and Premium, with additional add-ons for larger teams.


  • Simple-to-use and intuitive interface

  • Affordable pricing and a free plan that's suitable for small businesses

  • Designed for customer data and with several distinctive features to help with this use case


  • Monthly tracked user costs could be expensive for platforms with mostly anonymous visitors

  • Not all connectors utilize all APIs data, meaning existing connectors may require additional customization to leverage custom fields

  • Focused on sales and marketing data, with limited applications beyond that

Who is Segment best suited for?

Teams that focus solely on sales, marketing, and other customer data.

3. Airbyte

Airbyte is an open-source data ingestion and ELT platform. It offers both a self-service open source version to host yourself as well as a cloud-based SaaS solution.

Airbyte pricing

  • Open source: Free, as you'll be hosting the software yourself

  • Cloud: $2.50/credit (one million rows equal 6 credits; 1 GB equals 4 credits)

  • Cloud high volume: Custom pricing for users who need more than 5,000 credits

What's included with Airbyte?

  • 170+ data connectors (not all are available on the cloud service yet)

  • Open-source solution with engineer-focused CDK for connector development

  • Change data capture support for database replication

  • Supports data warehouse and data lakes as destinations

  • Credit-based pricing and free self-hosted options

  • Native warehouse data transformations

Prebuilt connectors

Airbyte currently has more than 170 connectors on its open source platform. Not all of them are accessible on the cloud service at the time of this writing.

Custom connectors

You can request custom connectors via the Airbyte website, but the team will select those with the broadest support. You can develop them yourself, but you'll need to understand Airbyte protocols and maintain the integration yourself.

Maintenance and support

Airbyte has a robust community of more than 12,000 users. Paid plans include chat in-app support with one-hour response time.


  • Open-source platform you can use to build your own

  • Engineer-focused platform, with a CDK to accelerate development

  • Support for 20 destinations, more than many competitors


  • You'll have to design long-tail connectors and keep them up-to-date by yourself

  • Credit-based pricing model may be difficult to predict

  • Cloud service is missing a variety of well-known connectivity and destination options (e.g., WordPress, Google Analytics 4, Apache Kafka)

Who is Airbyte best suited for?

Engineering teams that are ready to design and maintain customize connectors with Airbyte's CDK.

4. Meltano

Meltano is another open-source ETL provider. Unlike Rivery, that's focused on no-code interfaces for creating data workflows, Meltano is built for engineers and features several important code-first features.

Meltano Pricing

At present, Meltano only offers a free open-source platform. However, it is planning to launch a SaaS solution known as Managed Meltano in 2023.

What's included with Meltano?

  • 300+ connectors

  • Integration with Singer data format for connector integrations

  • Open-source platform under MIT license

  • Integrated version control using Git

  • Detailed, public-facing product roadmap to see upcoming feature releases

Prebuilt connectors

Meltano comes with 300+ connectors out of the box.

Custom connectors

Meltano offers a complete SDK that integrates with Singer for customized integrations. You can create your custom Singer taps to link to any long-tail source, but your team will be responsible for development and maintenance.

Maintenance and support

Meltano doesn't currently offer any official support, but it may with the launch of Managed Meltano. There is a small but growing open-source community.


  • Open-source platform, which is free if you manage it on your own

  • Built-in best practices like Git version control, end-to-end CI testing, and separate staging and dev environments

  • Vast library of connectors available through Singer


  • Meltano doesn't offer no-code or low-code solutions, meaning a fairly steep learning curve for nontechnical users

  • Presently, Meltano doesn't offer a fully managed service and you'll need to host the platform on your own

  • Limited community and no official customer support

Who is Meltano best suited for?

Teams of data engineers with expertise in technical areas looking for a programmer-first solution.

5. CData

CData is a suite of data connectivity tools. It's a single platform with an entire ecosystem for data collection, ELT, ETL, visualization, cloud connectivity, and more.

CData pricing

  • Standard: $49/month (one data source)

  • Professional: $99/month (limited to five data sources)

  • Enterprise: $199/month (limited to 10 data sources; custom pricing for more than 10 sources)

What's included with CData?

  • 250+ data source connectors

  • Tools that include Sync, Arc, and Drivers

  • Optimized speed across connectors

  • Well-reviewed customer support team

  • Support for ETL, ELT, and Reverse ETL data workflows

  • Cloud-based and on-premise solutions available

Prebuilt connectors

CData includes 250+ prebuilt real-time data sources. CData calls these data connectors "drivers."

Custom connectors

CData offers a Universal API Driver which you can use to connect to different data sources and inputs.

Maintenance and support

CData generally has positive reviews for its customer service. Every plan includes email support, and Enterprise customers with more than five users can add on Premium Support, which includes phone assistance and priority resolution with a 24-hour response time.


  • Cloud plans at a reasonable cost with simple, easy-to-understand pricing

  • Large library of connectors for the most well-known data sources

  • Tools for the entire data pipeline


  • Because each tool is sold by itself, the price can be expensive if you have several needs

  • Some people say that the documentation is confusing and could be difficult to understand

  • CData's proprietary column names can result in vendor lock-in

  • Custom fields are not supported in data applications

Who is CData best suited for?

Businesses looking for an all-in-one data solution with teams most familiar with SQL data.

6. Fivetran

Fivetran is one of the largest ETL tools on the market. It's built for enterprise clients looking to make data-driven insights from big data from a variety of popular data sources.

Fivetran pricing

  • Standard Select: Est. $60/month (limited to one user and 500k active monthly rows)

  • Starter: Est. $120/month (limited to 10 users)

  • Standard: Est. $180/month

  • Enterprise: Est. $240/month

  • Business Critical: Contact sales

  • A 14-day free trial is available

What's included with Fivetran?

  • Enterprise-level support and a premium tool to handle the most popular data applications

  • Native warehouse transformation, which is particularly efficient for complex data models

  • Data replication using change data capture

Prebuilt connectors

Fivetran offers 160+ data source connectors. A majority of these are designed for the largest enterprise platforms.

Custom connectors

You can request custom data connectors through the Fivetran website, however, the development process is slow. You can also design your own connectors, but you won't have access to Fivetran's REST API unless you've purchased the Standard Select plan or higher.

Maintenance and support

Fivetran offers around-the-clock support on all its plans. The more expensive plans can sign SLAs.


  • One of the oldest and most established data integration platforms, with clients representing some of the biggest companies in the world

  • Integrations with the biggest corporate sources and destinations

  • Real-time or near-real-time data synchronization


  • Premium tool that's more expensive than other comparable platforms

  • A complex pricing model that can be difficult to comprehend and forecast

  • Limited support for long-tail connectors and a low likelihood that they'll be developed by the company itself

  • No support for ETL workflows, only ELT

Who is Fivetran best suited for?

Companies with the most widely-available data sources and a budget for robust, reliable data integration.

7. Matillion

Matillion is a data pipeline platform that offers both a cloud-based SaaS solution and one that can be deployed on-premise. Matillion is primarily focused on larger enterprises.

Matillion pricing

  • Free: Limited to 1 million rows per month

  • Basic: $2.00/credit

  • Advanced: $2.50/credit

  • Enterprise: $2.70/credit

What's included with Matillion?

  • 110+ data source connectors

  • On-premise deployments available

  • Cloud data transformation using graphic user interface

  • Consumption-base pricing model

  • Compatible with Matillion Data Loader and Matillion ETL

Prebuilt connectors

Matillion includes 110+ connectors. The ETL and Data Loader products don't have the exact same data connectors.

Custom connectors

Matillion doesn't support long-tail data sources. Customers can use the GUI to set up basic API integrations, but they'll be responsible for ongoing maintenance.

Maintenance and support

Matillion provides a support portal for clients and customer support depending on the plan.


  • Strong built-in data transformation capabilities

  • On-premise and SaaS deployments available

  • Easier to establish data governance and guarantee data quality with Matillion's all-in-one platform


  • Matillion's GUI-based transformations could be difficult to master

  • Matillion has a limited number of data connectors built in

  • Its all-in-one focus means it can be more difficult to integrate third-party tools into your data stack

Who is Matillion best suited for?

Large companies searching for a complete solution for all kinds of transformations and processes, particularly companies looking for an on-premise deployment option.

8. Precog

Precog is a universal, no-code data connector platform that is suitable for cloud ETL. It makes use of an AI engine to collect and automatically apply schema to new data sources.

Precog Pricing

Request a demo or trial to determine pricing (based on the number of data sources).

What's included with Precog?

  • 10,000+ built-in data sources

  • Support for more than 100 destinations

  • SaaS or on-premise deployments available

  • No-code solution with graphic dashboards that don't require technical knowledge to operate

Prebuilt connectors

Precog provides over 10,000 data sources, thousands more than any competitor including Rivery.

Custom connectors

With Precog's AI software, you can design new data connectors in a matter of minutes without typing a line of code. Precog will also create new data connectors by request with a 48-hour turnaround time.

Maintenance and support

Precog offers customer support based on your requirements.


  • More data sources out of the box than with any other Rivery competitor

  • Straightforward, no-surprises pricing

  • AI engine that's able to understand new data sources without requiring programming expertise

  • SaaS and on-premise deployments available


  • Platform is fairly new and has a relatively small user base

  • No-code focus can be restricting for more technical teams

  • Pricing based on data connectors can be costly for teams that draw on a wide variety of sources

Who is Precog best suited for?

Teams seeking a non-code solution to import data from hard-to-find data sources.

9. Stitch

Stitch is an ETL tool owned by Talend that focuses specifically on business intelligence. Stitch is built around automation like monitoring and alerting and was created to make it easier to manage data.

Stitch pricing

  • Standard: Starts at $100/month (limited to five million active monthly rows, one destination, and 10 sources)

  • Advanced: $1250/month (limited to 100 million rows and three destinations)

  • Premium: $2500/month (limited to one billion rows and five destinations)

  • 14-day free trial

What's included with Stitch?

  • 130+ data source connectors

  • Integration with the Singer protocol for open-source connector development

  • Cost-effective solution for common data sources

  • Support for popular warehouses and data lakes

Prebuilt connectors

Stitch includes 130+ data sources. Some of them are classified as "Enterprise" and are only available on the Premium and Advanced plans.

Custom connectors

Stitch comes with its own REST API for connector development. It also works with the Singer protocol for open-source data connectors.

Maintenance and support

Stitch provides chat and email support to all customers during normal business hours. Certain customers are also eligible for telephone support and a dedicated global customer success rep.


  • Robust transformations, including for nested JSON

  • Quick and easy setup in just a few minutes, and well-reviewed customer service

  • Compatible with the Talend collection of data tools

  • Data transformation support includes Java, SQL, Python, the Stitch UI, or an external processing engine


  • Pricing can be difficult to measure and predict month to month

  • Customer support is limited for users on the standard plan

  • Singer connectors are susceptible to breaking without warning and aren't maintained by Stitch

Who is Stitch best suited for?

Stitch is best for teams that use only the most popular databases, or have the resources to develop their own connectors using the Stitch API or Singer protocol.

10. Hevo

Hevo is a non-code bidirectional data pipeline tool that supports ETL, ELT, and Reverse ETL workflows. Hevo has built-in transformation capabilities and connects to the most popular data sources.

Hevo pricing

  • Free: One million events (limited to 50+ data connectors)

  • Starter: Starts at $239/month

  • Business: Custom quote

For Reverse ETL workflows, businesses will need to use Hevo Activate:

  • Free: Access to 4 data warehouses and 3 SaaS targets

  • Starter: $199/month (limited to 4 data warehouses and 4 SaaS targets)

  • Business: Contact sales

  • Flexible pricing

What's included with Hevo?

  • 150+ data connectors (only 50+ available on the free plan)

  • Real-time data migration

  • Data transformation support using Python

  • 24/7 live customer support

Prebuilt connectors

Hevo Data offers 150+ data connectors, but only 50+ are available on the free plan.

Custom connectors

To connect with long-tail data sources on Hevo, you can use its Webhooks API or build custom connectors with its REST API. Your team would be responsible for ongoing maintenance.

Maintenance and support

Hevo offers 24-hour support that is well-reviewed by customers.


  • Supports ELT, ETL, and Reverse ETL workflows all in the same platform

  • No-code solution that is relatively easy for nontechnical team members to use

  • More affordable than some other competitors


  • Not as robust support for long-tail connectors

  • Needs manual mapping for some transfers between different tools

  • Less precise control of data ingestion and loading frequency

Who is Hevo best suited for?

Hevo is best for small-scale businesses that make use of the most well-known data sources and require a no-code, easy-to-use tool.

Rivery Alternatives: The Bottom Line

Rivery is an ELT tool designed for nontechnical users who want to gather insights from data without needing to write code. It delivers on that promise with an intuitive graphic interface and prebuilt starter kits.

But Rivery isn't the best fit for every team. Its pricing structure can be hard to understand and difficult to predict, resulting in different charges with each billing cycle.

And Rivery's interface can become limiting with large data sets that require complex transformation scripts. Other ELT platforms offer the same benefits as Rivery but avoid some of its disadvantages.

Looking for the best Rivery alternative?

Get started with Portable.