Portable vs. Airbyte ETL Comparison: 2023 Mega Showdown

CEO, Portable

Should you use Portable or Airbyte for ETL?

The main difference between Portable and Airbyte is that Portable focuses on long-tail, custom ETL connectors and builds them for you within a matter of days. Meanwhile, Airbyte is focused on servicing more mainstream data sources.

Portable builds no-code ETL connectors

  • Portable builds and maintains long-tail ETL connectors.

  • If you need a no-code ETL connector to a bespoke application, Portable will build it for you in less than a week.

  • We don't believe it's your job to read the API documentation or navigate an open source framework.

  • We've been in your shoes - I used to run Business Intelligence at LiveRamp (NYSE: RAMP) - We want to save you time, not bog you down with scripts and API documentation.

In-house customer support

  • As a buyer of data tools myself, I always ask: 'Who will be woken up if things break?'

  • At Portable, our team is on call. We get the pager duty alerts late at night, and it doesn't matter if it's a common system that everyone's heard of, or a custom build for a single client.

  • Outsourcing development and maintenance to an open source community doesn't help 'you' as the data analyst in a time of need. We pride ourselves on maintainability and reliability.

Long-tail ETL connectors

Agility and extreme ownership

  • Our team is lean. Our mandate isn't to expand from 30 to 200 people in a matter of months.

  • We are selective with who we work with, what we build, and how we spend our time.

  • All of that empowers us to truly solve problems when they arise. If you need a new connector, we'll get back to you in hours or days.

  • If a data flow fails, we'll email you immediately. Capital is nice, but we believe ownership is more important.

Portable turns products into connected solutions. Teams combine our no-code integrations with existing products and services to power analytics and automate workflows. We load data from 200+ business applications into data warehouses, so you can focus on insights.