Portable vs. Airbyte Comparison

CEO, Portable

Should you use Portable or Airbyte for ELT (Extract, Load, Transform)?

We've outlined the key considerations for comparing the two solutions below. For a more in depth framework, check out our blog post on How to Choose the Right ELT tool.

We Build, You Don't. Portable builds and maintains no-code connectors for our clients. If you need a no-code connector to a bespoke application, we're excited to built it on your behalf. We don't believe it's your job to read the API documentation or navigate an open source framework. We've been in your shoes - I used to run Business Intelligence at LiveRamp (NYSE: RAMP) - We want to save you time, not bog you down with scripts and API documentation.

In-House Customer Support. As a buyer of data tools myself, I always ask: 'Who will be woken up if things break?' At Portable, it's our team that's on call. We get the pager duty alerts late at night, and it doesn't matter if it's a common system that everyone's heard of, or a long tail connector built for a single client. Outsourcing development and maintenance to an open source community doesn't help 'you' as the data analyst in a time of need. We pride ourselves on maintainability and reliability.

Long Tail ELT Connectors. Both Airbyte and Portable believe long tail connectors are critical to modern data analytics. At Portable, we're dogmatic - it's all we think about. I've personally built over 200+ no-code connectors for clients as the CEO. We're not a change data capture (CDC) tool, and we don't lean on the community for the long tail. We build long tail connectors lightning fast. The next time you have a bespoke system you need to connect to, we'll get you live with a production-grade connector faster than anyone.

Agility and Ownership. Our team is lean. Our mandate isn't to expand from 30 to 200 people in a matter of months. We are selective with who we work with, what we build, and how we spend our time. All of that empowers us to truly solve problems when they arise. If you need a new connector, we'll get back to you in hours or days. If a data flow fails, we'll email you immediately. Capital is nice, but we believe ownership is more important.

**Portable turns products into connected solutions. **Teams combine our no-code integrations with existing products and services to power analytics and automate workflows. We load data from 200+ business applications into data warehouses, so you can focus on insights.

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