Data Analytics Consulting - List of 200+ Firms (2024)

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What is Data Analytics Consulting?

A data analytics consulting firm helps to identify or improve how your company can extract insights from data, and they can kickstart a data function for your company. Two scenarios to hire a data analytics consultant are 1) data strategy and 2) business intelligence optimization.

1. Data strategy - Your business has started collecting data, or it needs to. How should you start thinking about business intelligence? Data analytics consultants can serve as a temporary stand-in for a full-time "Head of Data", making recommendations for how you should think about data strategy and ETL Architecture.

2. Business intelligence optimization - The modern data stack has changed the way companies think about leveraging data beyond dashboards. Data analytics consultants can help you understand how you can learn more from your data, and combine data from different sources, to achieve your business's goals.

Whether you are looking for data strategy or business intelligence optimization, you should consider three options to accomplish your goal:

  1. Develop a solution in-house
  2. Buy a product off-the-shelf
  3. Engage a consultant

Which Data Analytics Consulting Firms Should You Evaluate? (175+ Consultants)

There are hundreds of consultancies that can help with data analytics projects. Here's the complete list of over 175+ consultants that you should evaluate.

Data Consultancy NameCompany SizeCompany URLLinkedIn Page
2BIT1-10 Employees
Acheron Analytics1-10 Employees
Acta Data Ltd1-10 Employees
Adirani Digital Solutions1-10 Employees
Advanced Business Horizons1-10 Employees
Alternative Data Group1-10 Employees
Amass Insights1-10 Employees
Ambition Data1-10 Employees
Anelen1-10 Employees
Analytical IQ1-10 Employees
Applied Graphs1-10 Employees
Bedrock Data1-10 Employees
Big Data Institute1-10 Employees
Big Time Data1-10 Employees
Boston Data Company1-10 Employees
Brachin1-10 Employees
CakeAI1-10 Employees
Capitalizando Datos1-10 Employees
Catalyze Data1-10 Employeeswww.catalyzedata.com
Clear Q1-10 Employees
Cloud391-10 Employees
Colours of Data1-10 Employees
DataBuddy LLC1-10 Employees
Data Captains1-10 Employees
Datacequia1-10 Employees
Data Relish1-10 Employees
Data Zen1-10 Employees
data&mie1-10 Employees
DataBright1-10 Employees
Dataception Ltd1-10 Employees
Data Ranger1-10 Employees
Data With Serena™️1-10 Employees
Datinit LLC1-10 Employees
DataSprints1-10 Employees
Datateer1-10 Employees
Datomni1-10 Employees
Decisive Data1-10 Employees
Deep Sky Data1-10 Employees
Elevated Data Insights1-10 Employees
Eyeful1-10 Employees
FluenFactors1-10 Employees
Flow1-10 Employees
Fornax1-10 Employees
Gemma Analytics1-10 Employees
Graphical Methods1-10 Employeeshttps://graphicalmethods.com
Green Mountain Data Solutions, LLC1-10 Employees
Handoff1-10 Employees
Hashpath1-10 Employees
HRAnalytics.io1-10 Employees
It-strategists1-10 Employees
Launchpad Analytics1-10 Employees
l'dujour1-10 Employees
McCandless Consulting1-10 Employees
MergeYourData1-10 Employees
MetaOps1-10 Employees
MODACO1-10 Employees
My Dataist1-10 Employees
Naavics1-10 Employees
Nomad Data1-10 Employees
Nupanch1-10 Employees
NV Sistemas1-10 Employees
Omnificity1-10 Employees
On the Mark Data1-10 Employees
Orchard Analytics1-10 Employees
Pinnu Analytics1-10 Employees
Pipelinx1-10 Employees
Pivot Analytics1-10 Employees
Poplin Data1-10 Employees
POINT051-10 Employees
projectBI1-10 Employees
Rittman Analytics1-10 Employees
Rubx1-10 Employees
Seattle Data Guy1-10 Employees
Seek Data1-10 Employees
Shuffle Analytics1-10 Employees
Signific1-10 Employees
Silver Creek Insights1-10 Employees
SolvinIT1-10 Employees
Sonbol1-10 Employeeshttps://sonbol.se
Sunnylytics1-10 Employees
TamGroup1-10 Employees
Ternary Data1-10 Employees
The Classification Guru Ltd1-10 Employees
Upright Analytics1-10 Employees
VisionWrights1-10 Employees
Vitrin91-10 Employees
XeoMatrix1-10 Employees
Y3TI1-10 Employees
Yuki Kakegawa1-10 Employees
Alligator Company11-25 Employees
Analytic Vizion11-25 Employees
BI:PROCSI11-25 Employees
Convertiv11-25 Employees
Corrdyn11-25 Employees
Data Culture11-25 Employees
Datrick11-25 Employees
DrivenData11-25 Employees
Fractal River11-25 Employees
infoVia11-25 Employees
Joon Solutions11-25 Employees
Leading Point11-25 Employees
Mashey11-25 Employees
Massive Insights11-25 Employees
McGaw.io11-25 Employees
Mighty Digital11-25 Employees
Mikan11-25 Employees
Notable Growth11-25 Employees
North Labs11-25 Employees
One Six Solutions11-25 Employees
Pandata Group11-25 Employees
Spectre Data11-25 Employees
Red Pill Analytics11-25 Employees
Tasman Analytics11-25 Employees
The Analytics Academy11-25 Employees
WCI Data Solutions11-25 Employees
4 Mile Analytics26-50 Employees
Aptitive26-50 Employees
CIEK26-50 Employees
Cleartelligence26-50 Employees
CloudKettle26-50 Employees
Coginiti26-50 Employees
Crimson Macaw26-50 Employees
Data Clymer26-50 Employees
Datavault26-50 Employees
FIRN Analytics26-50 Employees
Infostrux Solutions26-50 Employees
Initions26-50 Employees
Intricity26-50 Employees
LEIT DATA26-50 Employees
M13H26-50 Employees
MERU26-50 Employees
Method36026-50 Employees
Montreal Analytics26-50 Employees
Outshine26-50 Employees
Performance Architects26-50 Employees
Praelexis26-50 Employees
Precocity26-50 Employees
Raken Data26-50 Employees
Revolt BI26-50 Employees
Tail Wind Informatics Corporation26-50 Employees
Untitled26-50 Employees
Valiotti Analytics26-50 Employees
Actinvision51-100 Employees
Aginic51-100 Employees
Aimpoint Digital51-100 Employees
Ancoris51-100 Employees
Apoorva51-100 Employees
Avicado51-100 Employees
BigData Dimension51-100 Employees
BizAnalytica51-100 Employees
Brooklyn Data Co.51-100 Employees
Bytecode IO51-100 Employees
Capitalize Consulting51-100 Employees
DAS4251-100 Employees
dataroots51-100 Employees
G-company51-100 Employees
GoDataDriven51-100 Employees
Hakkoda51-100 Employees
Indicium51-100 Employees
Infinite Lambda51-100 Employees
Infotopics51-100 Employees
Ironside Group51-100 Employees
Kaito51-100 Employees
Mammoth Growth51-100 Employees
QLX51-100 Employeeshttps://www.qlx.com
Search Discovery51-100 Employees
TecRacer51-100 Employees
Teknion51-100 Employees
TLGG51-100 Employees
Altis Consulting101-1000 Employees
Analytics 8101-1000 Employees
AppsBroker101-1000 Employees
Archetype Consulting101-1000 Employees
Areto101-1000 Employees
Billigence101-1000 Employees
BlazeClan101-1000 Employees
Blueprint101-1000 Employees
Caserta101-1000 Employees
Datatonic101-1000 Employees
Decision Inc.101-1000 Employees
Decision Minds101-1000 Employees
Dunn Solutions Group101-1000 Employees
Effectual101-1000 Employees
Habitant101-1000 Employees
Hashmap101-1000 Employees
Inawisdom101-1000 Employees
InterWorks101-1000 Employees
JMAN Group101-1000 Employees
Lingaro101-1000 Employees
Momentum Consulting101-1000 Employees
Netguru101-1000 Employees
OnPrem Solution Partners101-1000 Employees
Pandera Systems101-1000 Employees
Pariveda Solutions101-1000 Employees
phData101-1000 Employees
Redkite101-1000 Employees
Servian101-1000 Employees
Sisense101-1000 Employees
Specific-Group101-1000 Employees
SpringML101-1000 Employees
TheMathCompany101-1000 Employees
Velir101-1000 Employees
Visual BI Solutions101-1000 Employees
3pillar Global1000+ Employees
Artefact1000+ Employees
Cloudera1000+ Employees
Cognizant1000+ Employees
Columbus Global1000+ Employees
Dept Agency1000+ Employees
Eide Bailly1000+ Employees
Fractal Analytics1000+ Employees
Impetus1000+ Employees
InfoCepts1000+ Employees
Keyrus1000+ Employees
Kin + Carta1000+ Employees
Knowit1000+ Employees
Kubrick Group1000+ Employees
Mu Sigma1000+ Employees
SDG Group1000+ Employees
Sirius1000+ Employees
Slalom1000+ Employees
Solita1000+ Employees
Tiger Analytics1000+ Employees
Trace31000+ Employees

We have included many of the most recognized enterprise data consultancies in the world, as well as boutique consulting firms like The Seattle Data Guy.

If you need a consultant that can build and manage custom ETL pipelines that load data into your cloud data warehouse, Portable can help.

Portable builds custom data pipelines so your business intelligence team can focus on data analysis.

Which Specific Projects Can a Data Analytics Consultant Take On?

Data analytics consultants can take on projects that include:

  • Data analysis asssessment

  • Building a single, unified view of your data

  • Designing a lightweight data stack

  • Modern data stack architecture

  • ETL architecture

How Should You Evaluate Data Analytics Consulting Firms?

When evaluating a data analytics consultant you should follow these 5 steps:

1. Define your data analytics goals

2. Outline a project description or job description

3. Evaluate the available consulting firms

4. Refine your options and check references

5. Begin with a data analytics project that is small in scope

Step 1: Define your data analytics goals

When you consider hiring a consultant or a full-time employee, it's important to understand:

  1. The value they can create

  2. The amount it will cost

Data analytics consultants can drive value from either:

  1. Data analytics - Better decision-making

  2. Process automation - Replacing manual business processes with technology

  3. Product development - Generating revenue from client adoption

Start by outlining the specific projects you believe will create the most value and then identify any vertical-specific requirements (healthcare, e-commerce, marketing, etc.) that need to be taken into account.

Once you have defined how a data analytics consultant can create value, you then need to understand the cost to make such an investment.

For instance, if you were hiring a full-time employee, the cost is mostly the result of salary range and benefits. When considering a consultant, you need to understand the project costs, hourly costs, or retainer pricing model that will be required.

Step 2: Outline a project description or job description

Once you understand the path to value creation and the necessary level of investment to make progress against your goals, you need a clear description of the role and responsibilities.

This is where a project description will come in handy.

In the project description, you should outline the project title, pay range, and business requirements. You should also consider including:

  • Communication skills required

  • Years of experience with data analytics

  • Remote vs. onsite work expectations

  • Relevant expertise in project management methodologies (agile, waterfall)

  • Knowledge of your specific technology stack and tooling (Salesforce, Zendesk, NetSuite, IBM, Oracle, SQL Server, etc.)

  • Technical knowledge (software development, SQL, software engineering, AWS, GCP, Azure, Unix, data engineering, information technology, etc.)

  • Education (when applicable - bachelor's degree, computer science, engineering boot camp, etc.)

Don't forget to check local, state, and federal laws to make sure you hire fairly and include the necessary details in your project description.

Step 3: Evaluate the available consulting firms

It's now time to evaluate your options.

Where can you discover consulting firms? We've included the full list of 175+ data consultants above that could be a fit.

We recommend setting up introductory meetings with as many companies as you can. Most of these firms will have a 'Contact Us' form or a 'Schedule An Introductory Meeting' button on their website where you can get in touch.

Within a couple of hours, you can schedule 20+ meetings and start identifying the most promising partners.

Step 4: Refine your options and check references

As you identify the data analytics consultancies that could be the best fit, make sure to get references, evaluate projects, and ask for testimonials and case studies.

External certification, validation, and social proof do not guarantee a great experience, but a lack of external validation is a good sign that you should do more research before signing up for a big project.

Step 5: Begin with a data analytics project that is small in scope

Regardless of the consultant you choose, it's always a best practice to start small.

If you can begin with a month-to-month agreement or work on an hourly or project-based model for a few weeks, it allows you to evaluate a few key things:

  • Will you have a good working relationship with the consultant?

  • Is the consultant responsible?

  • Is the consultant able to communicate effectively?

  • Are the deliverables produced of high quality?

As you see success, you can always increase the scope of your relationship, or even decide to hire a full-time employee if the scope becomes large enough.

One common way to get started with a data analytics consultant is by building a custom ETL pipeline.

If that's what you're looking for, Portable can help.

Looking for a Custom ETL Solution? (Get Started In Under 5 Minutes)

Here's how you can get started with using Portable for custom ETL.

  1. Create an account (no credit card necessary)

  2. Connect your data source

  3. Authenticate with the data source

  4. Select your destination and configure your credentials

  5. Create a data flow between your source and your data warehousing environment

  6. Run your flow to start syncing data from your source to your destination

  7. Set your data flow to run on a cadence

Does Portable Offer Data Analytics Consulting Services?

Portable is a cloud-hosted ETL tool (we offer a product, not a service). While we do not sell data analytics consulting services, we do build custom ETL (extract, transform, load) integrations on-demand for clients as part of our product offering, for free.

We have spent years building a platform on which we can build no-code ETL integrations for clients. As a result, we can build net new custom ETL connectors in hours or days and optimize them to your requirements.

Because we specialize in ETL pipelines, you will receive out-of-the-box notifications, data quality, and governance that you might not receive from a consultant.

As part of your data management strategy, if you are thinking about hiring a consultant or ETL developer to develop or manage data extraction workloads, let us know - we're happy to provide a second perspective.

With Portable, you can expect the same personalized experience as a consultant without paying the prices that come along with custom services.

Need a Custom ETL Integration? – Get Started For Free!

At Portable, custom ETL is our specialty.

Portable can offer the personalized experience of a data integration consultant without the prices that come along with custom work. Portable manages the ETL process so your team can focus on insights.

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