Portable vs. GCP Dataflow Comparison: (No-Fluff Guide)

CEO, Portable

Should you use Portable or GCP Dataflow for ELT?

Business applications vs. event-based data sources

  • Portable helps teams automatically sync data from their business applications and Software as a Service (SaaS) tools into their warehouse for analytics.

  • Dataflow connects to event data from publish/subscribe (pub/sub) messaging systems, transforms the data, and loads the results into warehouses. Both workflows are critical to a holistic data strategy.

  • If you need to load event-level data from your website, mobile app, or Internet of Things (IOT) devices to your warehouse, go with Dataflow.

  • However, if you need to connect to business applications to build dashboards with automated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), that is where Portable shines.

Simple, no-code setup

  • Most analytics teams don't want to spend their time reading documentation, creating pub/sub topics, or navigating command line tools.

  • They just want a no-code ETL solution that allows access business critical information in their data warehouse.

  • With Portable, syncing data from business applications is as simple as authenticating with your source, configuring your destination, and setting a workflow live. You can start querying data and creating value within minutes.

Ready to query schemas

  • With Dataflow, analytics teams have to create datasets, tables, and models that are prepared and ready to receive data from Dataflow.

  • When you spend enough time in analytics, you understand how painful this can be. On the other hand, Portable will connect to your warehouse, create or connect to a dataset, and deliver normalized, ready to query data without any work from you.

  • Portable handles data types, field naming conventions, and schema changes, so you can focus on creating business value.

Cloud agnostic strategy

  • Data teams need multi-cloud flexibility. You shouldn't be tied to using BigQuery for every project, forever.

  • GCP Dataflow is built specifically to connect to managed GCP products (i.e. pub/sub, BigQuery, etc.)

  • This can tie you to a particular ecosystem, instead of offering the flexibility and extensibility of the open data ecosystem.

  • Portable is cloud agnostic, supports analytics environments across cloud providers, and offers a rapidly expanding catalog of connectors syncing data from third party SaaS tools to your data warehouse of choice.

  • If you need to run multiple analytics environments in parallel, or migrate from one to another, it's simple. We believe connectors should be decoupled from analytics environments.