Fivetran's Directory Is Missing My Connector

CEO, Portable

Fivetran is a reliable, production-grade ELT solution for data teams. They're great! But what should you do if Fivetran's directory doesn't have the connector you need?

This is more common than you'd think.

There are thousands of business applications, and every organization has their own specific suite of tools that they rely on to run their business.

In most scenarios, Fivetran's directory doesn't include long tail ELT connectors.

Here are the most common types of long tail ELT connectors.

  1. Vertical specific ELT connectors (eCommerce, finance, agTech, cannabis, etc.)
  2. Business unit specific integrations (HR, marketing, security, etc.)
  3. Connectors to nascent APIs (from large and small companies alike)

Luckily, in this scenario, you do have options!

Here's what to do when Fivetran's catalog is missing the connector you need.

Step 1. Reach out to Fivetran (just in case they do support the connector)

If you already have an ELT vendor like Fivetran in place, it's great when they can keep supporting your connector requirements.

There's a small chance that documentation isn't up-to-date, or that the connector will show up in Fivetran's directory in the near term. You should always ask.

If that doesn't work, move onto Step 2.

Step 2. Evaluate your options

If the connector you need is not listed on Fivetran's directory, or on their near-term roadmap, and they can't provide a solution, you have a handful of options (summarized in more detail here).

Option #1 - Write code - and manage infrastructure - from scratch.

Option #2 - Use an open source framework.

Option #3 - Hire a consultant.

Option #4 - Use serverless infrastructure like cloud functions.

Option #5 - Use Airflow.

Option #6 - Just use Portable.

Step 3: Try Portable for free

With Portable, you don't have to manage infrastructure, read API documentation, or worry about consulting agreements. We do all the work to develop the connector, and you simply configure your data flow in our cloud-hosted ELT product.

Here's a brief demo of our platform demonstrating how simple it is to move data with Portable.

Portable specializes in building custom ELT connectors for clients. If you need a random, bespoke, long-tail system connected to your warehouse, just reach out. We build API to warehouse connectors on-demand, and can turn around production-grade SaaS hosted ELT connectors in a matter of hours or days. We handle development, monitoring, maintenance, alerting, troubleshooting, and support. If something goes wrong, we're on call, so you can sleep well.

Curious to learn more? Schedule a demo on our website or reach out to [email protected] with a connector request.