Fivetran vs. Stitch Comparison

CEO, Portable

Should you use Fivetran or Stitch for ELT (Extract, Load, Transform)?

We've outlined the key considerations for comparing the two solutions below. For a more in depth framework, check out our blog post on How to Choose the Right ELT tool.

Enterprise Integrations vs. Open Source Core. The biggest difference between Fivetran and Stitch is which integrations they focus on. Fivetran is focused on the largest databases, the largest business applications, and change data capture. Stitch does support large systems, but because they are backed by, they allow users to bring their own connectors, or leverage open source connectors in the platform.

Pricing. The next most important consideration is around pricing. Fivetran can be cost effective at low data volumes, but they are a premium solution and the pricing reflects this. Stitch is not expensive; however, this can lead to lower quality support, especially for long-tail connectors. If you need a solution that works consistently and reliably, Fivetran is likely a better option for your largest data sources. If you have very limited budget and can work through open source repositories or community support, Stitch may be a fit.

Approach To Long Tail Connectors. Neither Fivetran nor Stitch is focused on enterprise support for long tail connectors. Fivetran typically asks users (or consultants) to build custom integrations using cloud functions or lambdas. Stitch asks clients to build using the Singer open source framework and does not provide support for these integrations. In both scenarios, long tail connectors are not core to the business or product.

What are your other options?

Check out our comparison between Portable and Fivetran and our comparison between Portable and Stitch.

Portable is the first ELT platform to build connectors on-demand for data teams. We believe companies should have data from every business application at their fingertips - all with no code. We have more no-code ELT connectors than both Fivetran and Stitch (230 and counting).

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