Fivetran Lite Connectors vs. Portable (2024 Summary)

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What is a Lite connector?

A Lite connector is a new product by Fivetran. They are API-based connectors that are built and released quickly, but not supported once released into GA. 

What is the difference between Fivetran Lite and Fivetran Pro?

Fivetran Lite connectors are built upon request and only cover partial, or specific use cases. Therefore, they are launched to market faster than traditional Fivetran connectors.

They cost the same as regular connectors, with less support and use case coverage. Pricing is calculated on usage. 

When should you use a Lite connector vs a dedicated ETL connector? 

Lite connectors are meant for existing APIs that do not have an existing Fivetran connector. Lite connectors are created upon request for existing Fivetran users, and are released as a "Private Preview" program.

The Private Preview is akin to an alpha release, where Fivetran will try to sync data and fix issues.

From submission to Private Preview, you can expect the Lite connector program to take 6 weeks at a minimum to move any data. 

How to create a connector By Request

What makes a good candidate for a request connector?

Lite connectors are best for APIs that have well-documented, publicly accessible APIs.

Generally, API candidates should have ~40 end points and are limited to 2-3 levels of nesting.

Lite connectors do not support custom data schemas.

Lite connectors prefer API candidates who employ API keys as opposed to OAuth 2.0. 

Why should you use a Lite connector vs dedicated long-tail ETL?

Use Cases

Lite connector Use Cases

Lite connectors do not support all use cases. Lite connectors are limited to APIs with limits on number of endpoints and 2-3 levels of nesting. Fivetran does not guarantee coverage of all use cases. 

Portable Use Cases

Portable offers 300+ long tail connectors from APIs to databases and data warehouses. Use case coverage is comprehensive, and custom work can be done quickly (hours or days) to meet your use case.

Timing and Speed to Market

Lite connector Speed to Market

After a Request for Connector is submitted to Fivetran, Fivetran will take a minimum of two weeks to approve the request and combine the request with other similar requests.

If accepted, Fivetran will make a proposal to create a connector and meet with you to assess your requirements.

If Fivetran accepts your request, they will then release a Private Preview within 4 weeks or more.

Following that, Fivetran will involve you in a testing process and repair bugs for an indefinite period.

After the connector is created and released into GA, it will stop supporting the connnector outside of standard SLAs. 

Portable Speed to Market

For connectors not listed on Portable's catalog, if we can build the connector, we'll build it lightning-fast (minutes, hours, days), on-demand.

Connectors are released in a production manner with security and production standards guaranteed.

Submit a new connector request here. 


Lite connector Pricing

Lite connector pricing is based on usage and data volume the same as a standard Fivetran connector. 

Portable Pricing

Portable pricing is free for all manually triggered syncs, regardless of data source/destination.

Scheduled workflows are $200/mo with unlimited data volume at daily sync frequency.

Portable supports and encourages custom integrations.

Getting started with a custom ETL connector

Need a custom ETL connector? Get started today!