For People Analytics

Create a unified view of your employees to drive business outcomes

With Portable, you can combine data from all of your human resources tools to retain talent, plan your workforce, and invest in your most critical asset

See A Unified View Of Your Workforce

Centralize data from all of your human resources applications. Portable has no-code connectors to your HRIS system, ATS solution, employee engagement platform, collaboration tools, and more

Optimize Your Hiring Funnel

It's time for you to have the complete picture of hiring. Pull in data from your ATS system, email platform, skills platform, and HRIS system to optimize your job descriptions, and turn more applicants into accepted offers

Measure Employee Engagement & Retention

You've invested time and money in hiring the best people, now you need to retain them! Centralize data from your collaboration tools and engagement platforms to understand what drives engagement and what indicates a potential departure, so you can keep your best employees

Put Your D&I Goals Front And Center

Use data to put your D&I goals front and center. Whether it's representation, training, or talent development, you can't improve what you don't measure. With Portable, you can pull in data from your various tools and platforms to build scorecards and dashboards that truly drive change

Unlock the power of data with 20+ HR and collaboration connectors

See a complete picture of your workforce and how each employee impacts your business by connecting HR data with collaboration data and productivity metrics from across your organization. Empower your people analytics team with the data they need.

Secure, enterprise connectors built for people analytics teams

Start answering questions with data on the employee lifecycle, workforce and labor markets. Drive change by centralizing and monitoring diversity and inclusion metrics in an automated way.

Centralize all of your workforce data to find, engage, and retain diverse talent