For Marketing

Build a single customer view in your data warehouse

With Portable, you can centralize data from all of your marketing tools to build audiences, automate operations, and create remarkable client experiences

Develop 360° Customer Profiles

Connect to your CRM, ESP, and ticketing system to finally build a 360° view of your customers. With a complete view into your omni-channel customer experience, you'll have data to invest strategically in a path to accelerated growth

Build Audiences With Omni-Channel Data

With omni-channel customer data at your fingertips, you can tailor messages to particular segments of your customer base. Use SQL, or your favorite engagement platform, to build audiences and create personalized experiences

Create & Optimize Conversion Funnels

It's important to understand what's working with your marketing funnel, and where conversions are falling off. With Portable, you can centralize data from content channels, paid media, meetings, contracts, support tickets, and churn. Visualize and analyze how to optimize your funnel

Analyze Campaign Performance

When you invest in 3rd party data, paid media campaigns, and email campaigns, you need to be able to re-allocate your investments based on what's working. With Portable, you can centralize spend, impressions, clicks, and conversions

Get the full picture with 65+ customer journey connectors

Power marketing analytics and operations with centralized data from every customer touchpoint.

We understand the customer journey

The omni-channel customer experience is more complex than ever. It's critical to have a simple way to access, organize, and analyze your customer data.

Centralize all of your customer data for seamless marketing analytics and operations