Working at Portable

What makes us different

Let's start with some background on our journey... Azim and I have been working together since 2016, and like most people in the data ecosystem, we didn't start here. We had to learn on the job.

Why does this matter?

We surround ourselves with hard workers. People that want to roll up their sleeves to become an expert in whatever is most important to the business. People that realize elegance and efficiency don't matter if no one uses your product. People that can pull strategic, technical, and operational levers to catalyze adoption when things catch fire.

As early employees at Arbor (acquired by LiveRamp in 2016), we realized three things:

  1. Early-stage companies are a remarkable place to learn
  2. Building a company is really hard work
  3. Data is an unbelievable catalyst for growth

So, you're probably wondering.

How are we building Portable? What's our culture? Who would be a great fit? What's our competitive advantage?

There are three things to know about our business:

First, we are experts in data. We are opinionated. And we have a clear vision for where the world is going. We constantly consume information, meet with experts, speak with investors, and update our mental models for how the world works.

Second, we are process people. We are specialists. We plan to build thousands of integrations. When you do anything thousands of times, you can't afford to be inefficient. We are ruthless about dashboard-driven decision making, operational efficiency, and providing leverage to our team.

Third, we are addicted to great people. We surround ourselves with the best talent. The smartest investors and partners. The hardest working individuals. The 10x employees that think they're performing at 1x and are are striving for 100x.

Our team will always be lean.

Right now we don't have any open roles, but feel free to get in touch.


By using data to run our own business, we face the same challenges and opportunities as our clients. If there's an opportunity to create value with data, we're going to find it, try it, and productize it for clients and prospects.

Ethan AaronEthan Aaron - CEO of Portable