Types of Long Tail ELT Connectors

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When people talk about the long tail of ELT connectors, what are they referring to? Are these tiny platforms that no one has heard of or multi-billion dollar enterprises? Are they specific to verticals or business units? Are they mature APIs or emerging interfaces?

In this article, we outline the types of long Long Tail ELT connectors to help you identify when you might need an ELT platform purpose built for the long tail.

While the most common integrations (Salesforce, Shopify, etc.) are massive companies, it doesn't mean that long tail integrations have to be small companies.

In many scenarios there are vertical specific businesses - or business unit specific applications - that are multi-billion dollar organizations that are severely underserved by the integration ecosystem today.

There are three major buckets of ELT connectors.

1. Vertical specific ELT connectors

For data teams in particular verticals (eCommerce, real estate, cannabis, finance, etc.) long tail connectors are critical to unlocking a 360 degree view of your organization. While most ELT companies support CRM systems and databases that are used across verticals, niche verticals tend to gravitate towards nuanced technologies purpose-built for the vertical.

If you work in these verticals, you can still leverage core ELT connectors for your common pieces of technology, but you need a partner that can build integrations to the particular systems in your vertical.

In eCommerce for instance, you need data from your eCommerce platform, ticketing system, referrals platform, returns platform, shipping platform, inventory platform, and more. eCommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce are readily available, but the remaining systems are underserved.

Specific verticals are flush with long tail connectors.

2. Business unit specific integrations

HR teams need insights. Security teams need insights. Marketing teams need insights.

In each scenario, the team either has its own analytics function, or relies on a centralized data team for analytics to answer business questions.

When you want to do a deep dive into the talent acquisition and retention pipeline, you need data from HR specific applications. These connectors are difficult to find (or might not exist yet) and fit squarely into the long tail.

As your centralized data team expands in size, infrastructure, and mandate, these business unit specific requests become more and more common, and the need for long tail ELT connectors becomes more urgent and requests become more frequent.

You'll need a partner that can spin up new connectors to business unit specific applications quickly to answer questions across your organization.

3. Connectors to nascent APIs

Even the largest companies build new APIs.

In many scenarios, these aren't picked up by integration vendors because they want to see further adoption and maturity before investing the time developing and maintaining the connector.

That's great, but if you need insights now, you need a solution.

While the applications may be large, nascent APIs, or nascent endpoints within APIs fit into the long tail of data sources that the integration landscape underserves today.

At Portable, these are our specialty!

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